Top 20 Breathtakingly Beautiful Trekking Places in Maharashtra

Whether you crave for the quietness of deciduous forest or the rugged beauty of plateau, your wish comes true in Maharashtra. She is the Motherland of brave Marathas and she can amuse you with some breathtakingly beautiful trekking spots. The tourists from all over the world come to these trekking sites to explore Maharashtra’s uncharted territories. This article compiles a list of 20 most thrilling and best trekking places in Maharashtra.

1. Prabalgad/Prabal Fort

The Prabalgad Fort is located near Panvel and only 61 km from Mumbai, which makes it one of the best trekking places near Mumbai. The Prabal hill is located in western side of Matheran and Prabalgad Fort is located on its flat summit. The stunning view from this hilltop has mesmerized thousands of trekkers over the years. The base of the Prabal hill is about 3-km from Vardoli village which is an extension of Prabalmachi. You can reach the village from Matheran via road and the Prabalmachi is only one hour driving distance from Vardoli.

2. Mount Kalsubai

The Kalsubai Peak is a part of Sahyadri Hills which remains within the Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary of Kalsubai. It is the highest peak of Maharashtra and it is located at an altitude of 1646 meters. You can start trekking from the Baari village which is located near the Bhandardara (10-km). You can come to this village either through Igatpuri via the Mumbai-Nashik route or through relatively unexplored stony routes of the Indore. A mesmerizing sunrise waits for you atop the Mount Kalsubai after completing a night-time trekking in the winter.

3. Sinhagad Fort

The Sinhagad Fort, which stands for Lion Fort, is located at the southwest part of Pune City. The ruins of this old fortress are located at a distance of 32 km from the Pune Junction; therefore, it is the best place for trekking near Pune. This fort withstood the attacks of many historic battles due to its strategic position on a remote cliff of the Bhuleswar range. You can reach this fort in one hour from the Sinhagarh village which is accessible via both road and rail.

4. Irshalgad Fort

This fortress is located between Matheran and Panvel at the distance of only 66 km from Mumbai. This fort may become your ultimate trekking destination if you are trekking in Mumbai for one day only. You may start trekking from the Karja village which is only 11-km from Karjat Railway Station. You may complete this 3-km trekking at 1.5-2 hours’ time. It is essential to carry rock-climbing gears to climb to the pinnacle after reaching the Irshal plateau.

5. Peb/Vikatgad Fort

The Vikatgad Fort is one of the commonly visited trekking points near Mumbai which is an ideal spot for monsoon trekking. You can easily reach this fort through railway as it is located at a distance of 3.5 km from the Neral Railway Station. You can also drive to the Neral village from Mumbai (88 km), Matheran (13 km) and Pune (117 km). This trekking point is famous for meditation chambers of the Swami Samartha located inside the caves.

6. Raigad Fort

This fort has the ruins of two watchtowers overlooking an artificial lake known as Ganga Sagar. Raigad fort is located at an altitude of 2700 feet and rests amidst Sahyadri Mountain range. You can start your trekking from the Pachad village. You can reach this village via road from Mahad (26-km), Mahabaleshwar (83-km), Lonavala (118-km), Mumbai (136-km) or Pune (138-km).

7. Garbut Point

Garbut Point offers an excellent view of verdant plateau lying below and has become one of the famous trekking spots in Maharashtra. This secluded trekking spot is located near Matheran (17-km) and Diksal (8-km). You can easily reach this point after finishing 5-km trekking from the Matheran Railway Station. This spot let the trekkers witness the enthralling beauty of sunrise and sunset with a gorgeous valley and thick forest on either side.

8. Harishchandragad Fort

This historical Harishchandragad fort is located at an altitude of 1,424 metres within Ahmednagar district near Khireshwar (8-km) and Bhandardara (50-km). The Kedareshwar cave is located on the trekking route to Harishchandreshwar temple and Lord Vishnu temple near this fort. You may start your trekking from the Nalichi Vaat, Khireshwar Village or the Paachnai village.

9. Ratangad Fort

The natural rock peak of the Ratangad Fort has a cavity at the top known as ‘Eye of the Needle’. The trekking trails leading to this fort offer breathtaking views of the Sahyadri mountain range. The trekking from Ratanwadi village takes only 3-4 hours’ time to reach the fort. You can reach the Ratanwadi village from Bhandardara either via road or via the boat.

10. Vasota Fort

This ancient hilltop fort is located at an altitude of 1171 metres near Bamnoli of Satara district. The dense forest of the valleys of Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary covers this ancient fort. You can trek to the Vasota Fort from Bamnoli station which is only 38 km from the Satara district.

11. Chandan-Vandan Forts

The twin forts of Belmachi are located at Maharashtra’s Satara district. You can complete your trekking to Chandan fort within a day after starting your journey from Dudhanwadi or Belmachi village. It may take you around 45 minutes to trek from Vandan Fort to the Chandan Fort.

12. Rajgad Fort

This fort rests at an altitude of 1400-metre within Sahaydri mountain range and is one of the popular places for trekking near Pune. The simplest trekking route to Rajgad fort is through Pali village where you need to cover the distance of 3.5 km at approximately two hours of time.

13. Brahmagiri Hill

The rugged terrains of Brahmagiri Hill attract the nature lovers, adventure seekers and pilgrims with equal intensity. The trekking routes amidst the woody forest offer exclusive panoramic views. You need to complete a 2-km trekking from Trimbakeshwar to reach Brahmagiri Hill.

14. Tringalwadi Fort

The Tringalwadi fort is 3-km from the Tringalwadi village and you can start your trekking from this point. The top of this fort resembles a turban and this fort is an excellent spot for monsoon trekking. You can come to Tringalwadi village via bus or cab from Nashik or Trimbakeshwar.

15. Harihar Fort

The Harshgad/Harishgad/Harihar Fort is another popular place for the monsoon trekking near Nashik. This fort is located on a triangular rock at an altitude of 1120-metres with three vertical sides. You can reach this fort within two hours’ time after trekking 4-km from Nirgudpada village. This village is accessible via a bus/cab from the Trimbakeshwar village.

16. Lohagad Fort

You can enjoy an outstanding aerial view of Bhaja caves, Karla and Pawna lake from this fort. The Vinchu Kata fortification which looks like a scorpion’s tail is the highlight of this trekking point. You can start trekking from Malavli which is approximately 7-km from the Lohagad.

17. Visapur Fort

You can reach Visapur fort which rests at an altitude of 1084 metres either via Goumukh Khind or Patan village. These villages are accessible from Lonavala Railway Station via a cab/bus.

18. Tikona Fort

This triangular fort is located near Pawna dam and a concrete road can take you to the base of this fort from Tikona Peth village. This fort is located at an altitude of 3633 feet. You need to climb 100 steep stairs to reach the top of the Tikona fort from its base.

19. Tung Fort

This conical shaped fort at 1075-metres of altitude has numerous fortified walls, bastions and ramparts. The trekking route to Tung fort is extremely steep and narrow. You need to start your trekking journey from Tungi village which is only 300-metres from the fort’s entrance.

20. Korigad Fort

This hilly fort located at an altitude of 929-metre is one of the moderate trekking spots in Maharashtra. The base point to start trekking to this fort is either from Peth Shahpur or Ambivali village. You need to climb steep 500 steps to reach the top of this fort from the base.

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