Kamshet Paragliding

Kamshet located in the Pune district of Maharashtra on the Western Ghats is known for its superlative scenery, natural beauty, and freedom. The colors of nature change with the seasons, and this is the place of wondrous winds, lakes, and hills with no pollution and zero noise.

Kamshet Ghat also gives a glimpse into the simple life of the villagers as they greet you with warmth. The peaceful, idyllic surroundings are a magnet for families and solitude lovers. However, the major attraction lies for adventure lovers, as this is the dream destination for paragliding in Maharashtra

Experience the magic with Nirvana Adventures!

Nirvana has been conducting paragliding near Mumbai services since 1997. No one can predict the weather as these experts can. Fly across the clear blue sky taking off from some fantastic sites in the direction of the wind. They will select the suitable paragliding points at Kamshet for takeoff daily so that you can fly to your heart’s content.

While you enjoy the paragliding experience, Nirvana takes care of the logistics. As per the wishes, a crewmember will fly like a wind dummy. This is an experience to savor because you will be flying with the eagles and the vultures over the fields, rolling hills, lakes, rivers, and the picturesque little villages below.

The flying season is from November – June (the following year). The Kamshet paragliding cost is full value for the money spent.

Have the time of your life with an experience to remember and repeat

The beauty of Western Ghats is that the flying conditions remain constant and you can enjoy paragliding every day during the season. The rocky terrain, low hills, and endless flatlands seem sky sculpted for your exploration as you fly over with every bend on the road revealing exciting new ridges.

The Glass-off or Wonder wind occurs during magic hour, about 1 hour just before sunset as the entire air mass kicks off and the gliders can make the most of silky smooth valley-wide lifts. You must be in Kamshet to experience the wondrous air and the fantastic lift that it provides. At this hour, the sky is dotted with colorful paragliding parties with bow-like long pointed wings darting about happily.

For the best paragliding in Pune make Kamshet your next weekend gateway and you will never go anywhere else ever again!

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