Kolad River Rafting

The picturesque village of Kolad is situated in district Raigad of Maharashtra, and is famous for its verdant landscapes, cascading waterfalls, and its location with Sahyadris hills in the backdrop. This vibrant yet peaceful location is also a great destination for adventure sports aficionados. Subsequently, Kundalika river has gained prominence, today.

Enjoy the experience of white water rafting in the cascading flow of River Kundalika

Those looking for authentic and memorable river rafting adventure will love it here. Kundalika river rafting is all about tricky rapids that will test your mettle at every step. You can enjoy this experience all through the year, especially during the monsoons, as the water level increases, the rapids grow more challenging and takes you to another level of adventure. Before you embark on your adventure, you receive training and instructions from the guide.

When is the best time to soak in the adventure of Kolad River rafting?

People with high adrenalin prefer monsoons (July-September) for soaking up the amazing experience of rafting in choppy waters. The waterfalls at their cascading best and the surrounding green landscape adds to this great experience. The thunderous roar of the water compels you to explore the rapids for the most thrilling experience of your life.

If monsoon is not your favorite time for river rafting because its overflowing and roaring at its best, you will get plenty of opportunities all through the year to indulge in this adrenaline pumping activity. During winters (October – March) is another great time for Kolad water rafting season. If your aim is to beat the heat and escape to the coolest region, i.e., the breast of the river, come aboard in summers (March – June). Regardless of the season, lush greenery and the waterfalls beckon you.

What is the cost of indulging in this thrilling activity?

The cost of river rafting in Maharashtra depends on a variety of factors like the season, the size of your group, the route you choose, and the time of the week (weekend or weekdays).

Rapids on the Kundalika River

A dam controls the Kundalika river and so the rafting activities occur on the released water from the dam. For beginners and seasoned campaigners rafting in these rapids is a thrilling experience. Depending on your skills and experience, you can choose the level of rafting challenge- from small and quiet rapids to choppy and loud ones. For example, Grade II gives you a chance to work on your maneuvering techniques because the adventure gets somewhat rough as you progress. Grade III however is the “no-holds” barred level where the raging white water rafting Kolad challenges you at every step.

The stage is set. Sign up for Kolad river rafting booking to begin this spectacular getaway adventure without further ado!

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