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I Kelwa Beach, popularly known as Kelva, situated in the state of Maharastra, am considered as one of the most popular tourist get away. I am situated in a close range in the northern area of Mumbai, and am easily accessible for the locals and the foreigners.

One could take a sun bath sitting in my very own vicinity and could enjoy the sound of the lapping waves. The main attractions in Kelva Beach are the Shitla Devi Temple which remains overcrowded all through the year. As per the local stories it is believed that Luv and Kush, the sons of Lord Ram grew here with their mother Sita.

kelva beach

The forts that are situated on the banks of the sea is also quiet famous because of their placements within the coniferous trees. Tourist from distant places visits me to relax from their busy schedule. The breathtaking view of the sea horizons and lonely beaches gives abundance space to tourist hence they can spend quality time with their families.

I am a place to visit irrespective of any season and the perfect resorts make it altogether fun for the tourists. The resorts provide all sorts of facilities for the families and my surrounding is very much suitable to increase the romance. One has to confess that love is in very air that blows over me.

I Kelwa Beach, welcome everyone to visit me and enjoy the creations of god. Not only the scenic beauty but the activities and night life will surely steal your heart. Come and relax in the very vicinity of the god.

Kelva Beach Climate:

Since it’s a coastal belt the weather in Kelva Beach tends to get a bit warmer during March to May and have an average temperature of around 33-34 degree C. The winters are cooler and range from about 17 degree C to around 34 Degree C. Kelva beach receives high to moderate rainfall during monsoon.

Best time to Visit Kelva Beach:

Winter is the best season to visit Kelva Beach as the temperature is cool and pleasant in Winter. Winter starts from November to February. Avoid visiting Kelva beach in summer as the temperature goes as high as 34 Degree C.

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  • December 13, 2015 at 11:30 am

    Kelva beach is very popular beach among mumbaikars. I stays in Borivali and Kelva beach is one of the best destinations near mumbai we are visiting regularly. Clean and clear water, affordable stay always attracts us at kelva.


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