Tarkarli Beach

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Tarkarli Beach – Exciting History and Unmatchable Beauty Brought Together

Located in Malvan Taluka of Sindhudurg district Maharashtra, Tarkarli Beach – a prominent beach destination in the map of Maharashtra tourism department. Tarkarli Beach Tourism is popular among the tourists of Maharashtra and the entire country as well as foreigners.

Tarkarli Beach

The almost 8km long and narrow stretch of beach of Tarkarli has made it popular along with the crystal clear water that allows you to look clearly at the sea bed at a depth of 20ft.

With ‘shuru’ trees in the background, Tarkarli beach is open up a panoramic view to the guests and with the beautiful wide river, sailboats of various colors and sizes, small hamlets scattered across the river bank – Tarkarli is as picturesque as you can ever imagine.

Located at the confluence of the Karli River, Tarkarli Beach is at a distance of 546km south of Mumbai and only 8km from Malvan. Once you arrive here at Tarkarli beach in Malvan, it is open up attractions galore for you.

Just go for a serene walk down the Tarkarli beach early in the morning or watch spectacular sunsets on the Arabian Sea in the evening. You can also go snorkeling or scuba diving in the crystal clear waters and enjoy spectacular underwater beauty with coral reefs and colorful sea fishes.

Scuba Diving at Tarkarli Beach

Tarkarli beach is pleasant and beautiful all around the year and you can pay me a visit anytime during the summer and the winter. It is better to avoid the monsoons for safety reasons as most parts of Tarkarli go under the sea during the monsoon months.

Once you visit Tarkarli beach for tourism, don’t forget to visit the sea-fort of Sindhudurg built by Shivaji Maharaj during the 17th century. This Tarkarli travel guide will provide you with as much information as possible to make your holiday at Tarkarli more comfortable.

Best time to Visit Tarkarli Beach

The best season to visit Tarkarli beach is from October to March. Winter here is cool and pleasant. Tourists should bring warm clothes while visiting Tarkarli in winter as the temperature goes down as low as 20°C.

Weather in Tarkarli Beach

Tarkarli enjoys pleasant and cool weather throughout the year. Summer starts from February to May and the average temperature during summer is 32°C. The monsoon in Tarkarli starts from June to September.

Tarkarli experiences moderate rainfalls during the monsoon. The temperature in monsoon is at an average of 25°C to 32°C. Further, the winter starts from November to January. In winter the temperature goes down to 20°C.

Things to do in Tarkarli Beach

Tarkarli beach is one of the best beaches in Maharashtra. there are many activities tourists can do at Tarkarli. Tarkarli is one of the beaches in India which provides snorkeling and scuba diving. Many other water sports are also available at Tarkarli beach. Evening walk on the Tarkarli beach is very pleasant and makes you forget all your worries.

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