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Stunning Views of the Western Ghats from Matheran

I, Matheran hill station, located in the Raigad, Maharashtra is not only the smallest hill station in India but I am also the only automobile-free hill station in entire Asia. My name, Matheran, actually means ‘forest on the forehead’ of the mountains and at an elevation of 800m from the sea level I attract tourists and nature lovers not only from all over the country but also from many other countries in the world.

Matheran is also declared as an extremely eco-sensitive region by Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India which helps to develop the Matheran Tourism. You should pay me a visit at least for once for stunning views of the Western Ghats.

Hugh Poyntz Malet, the then Thane District Collector discovered me in the year 1850 and it was Lord Elphinstone, Governor of Mumbai at that time who laid the foundations of my development as Matheran, a popular hill retreat for the future generations. The Matheran Hill Railway that covers a distance of 20km was built during 1907 and is still a very prominent attraction among all tourists who come to see me.

Matheran Railway Station

Offering exotic views of the Ghats from more than 30 different lookout point including a panorama view point offering a 3600 view of the mountains and the forest I can be easily reached from anywhere in the country without much difficulty as I am well connected with both Mumbai and Pune.

Like most other hill stations in Maharashtra, my climatic temperature hovers around the 300 mark all around the year but the weather here is especially pleasant during the winter months. As there is heavy precipitation during the months of June to September, tourists better avoid visiting me that time the year.

Transport is never going to be a problem about visiting me as tourists can reach me by road, rail and also by air.

Charlotte Lake Matheran

Best time to Visit Matheran

Matheran hill station is 365 days destination. You will find something unique and different in every season. However, avoid visiting Matheran during Monsoon and the festive seasons. Due to the monsoon, the roads become muddy. However, if you enjoy the rains and wants to stay closer to nature, the monsoon is the best time to visit. Many waterfalls will welcome you in monsoon. Don’t forget to visit Charlotte Lake in monsoon. It is overflowing and formed a stunning waterfall.

In festive season Matheran is too much crowded. As it is situated near Mumbai and Pune, many tourists books their holidays at Matheran. Almost every hotel in Matheran is booked in seasons like Christmas, Diwali, New Year, etc.

The best time to visit Matheran is after monsoon during October to January when the temperature is down to around 15 degrees C. As the monsoon is over you can enjoy the green mountains of Matheran. The weather is cold and pleasant in the winter season at Matheran.

Weather in Matheran

Matheran is cooler in Monsoon and Winter. Monsoon starts from June to September. Matheran experiences a heavy rainfall during monsoon. In winter the temperature goes down to 12-15 degree Celsius. Tourists are advised to carry woolen clothes while visiting Matheran in Winter. Further summer is not so cold. The maximum temperature reaches 32 degree Celsius.

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