Akola Fort

Akola Fort along with Narnala and Akot forts is the major fortification of the Akola district. Initially, the fort was built in the form of mud by Akol Singh during the reign of Aurangzeb. One day, Akol Singh saw a hare chasing a dog, considering it a holy sign, a fort was built around the village.

Later, the fort was constructed by using large granite stone blocks, line stones, mud blocks, clay bricks, woods, irons, and mortars. Along with strong, it’s beautiful too. Its boundary is designed in lining art and looks exceptionally beautiful. On the gate of walls, known as Dahi Handa gate, tourists can find beautiful inscriptions that tell about the history of the fort. The fortress has many observation spots on its main walls.

In the year 1803, during the Second Anglo-Maratha War, the fort became the camping ground of Arthur Wellesley. Later in 1870, Britons destroyed the fort and left it in ruins. On a visit to the Akola Fort complex, tourists can also visit the Rajeshwar Mandir, one of the oldest Shiva temples in the region. Also, there are many stone structures in the fort complex, which were built in later part of times by its consecutive occupant.

The unique architecture of this fort makes it one of the most famous tourist places to visit in Akola. Devotees of Lord Shiva worship the Shivaling that has historical significance associated with it.

History and architecture lovers admire the unique feature of this fort. The triangular staircase of the fort makes it different from the other forts, and this massive fort gives an insight into the history of ancient times.

Best time to visit Akola Fort

The best time to enjoy the weather and explore the fort is during winters (October-February) which are pleasant. Visitors usually spend an hour or two at this place. The main attraction is in the evening when the sun is on its way to set.

The dusk shadows make the aura of the whole place mesmerizing. It is recommended to spend 1-2 hours in a place which is enough to enjoy its beauty.

Akola Fort is open all days a week and 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM is the most popular visit timings.

Entry to the fort is completely free of cost. This is a must-visit for history lovers and people who appreciate architecture.