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Very often tourists go to the seaside to enjoy the lazy sands of a beach and end up discovering much more. There are several places like that in Maharashtra where along with the promise of the laziness of a sea beach comes the activity of discovering new places where adventure and history go hand in hand.

Dabhol is one such place where everything comes together to ensure that tourists have all the time in their hands to relax a lazy holiday and enjoy a quiet weekend with the family.

So families can get ready to pack their bags for a two or three-night stay at Dabhol in order to enjoy it wholly. There are several places to see at Dabhol beach.

Dabhol creek:

Dabhol Beach Ratnagiri

If one is looking for a quiet time and far away from the typical urban noise, the Dabhol creek is a perfect destination to spend the whole holiday. The naturally scenic beauty makes it every minute’s worth that a tourist spends.

The ferry ride on the Dabhol creek is an added experience that ensures that tourists take back a lot of fond memories after their return. The stretches of the beach are some of the longest and hence can be covered either barefoot or by a car.

Panhalekaji Caves:

Panhalekaji Caves Dabhol

Among other interesting places to see at Dabhol beach, Panhalekaji has been the most popular for quite some time now. The place is a complex of twenty-nine caves, featuring art that is not only skilled but has tremendous artistic value.

The featured architecture is an example of craftsmanship at its best and most precise, hence has stood the test of time despite being more than two thousand years old. The caves are Buddhist as is evident from the art featured and has inscriptions in the historic languages of Brahmi and Devanagari. The place is just over an hour’s drive from Dabhol beach and hence is an abode of tourists with a taste for art.

Guhagar Temple:

The temple of Guhagar is often considered to be one of the most outstanding temple towns not only near Dhaboli but universally as well. The town consists of various temples of Shiva, each representing the deity’s various forms. Not only are the temples immensely likable as tourist spots, but the beach at Guhagar also boasts of white sand and is considered to be a first among truly white sand beaches in the locality.

Talkeshwar Temple Lighthouse:

Talkeshwar Temple Lighthouse

Sightseeing at Dhabol beach does not end with temples and beaches only. The lighthouse in the small village of Anjavel built in the 1960s is an added attraction for tourists. The lighthouse is situated upon a hillock which makes it look beautiful from a distance and seduces tourists for a visit. Also, visit the Talkeshwar temple located at the hilltop.

Dabhol ensures that all the members of the family enjoy their holiday so those who are looking forward to a beach holiday can sit and relax while those looking for an active holiday can explore the numerous archaeological sites around Dabhol.

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