Wildlife Sanctuaries in Maharashtra

Nothing is more exciting than spending your time with nature. Maharashtra is a state of mountains, picturesque landscapes, green forest, and home to many national parks. Wildlife Sanctuaries in Maharashtra is home to many wild animals, birds, and unusual species of flora and fauna.

National parks in Maharashtra are popular all over the world where tourists can enjoy trekking and camping experiences. Wildlife tourism in Maharashtra is now increasing and tourists from all over the country and even foreign countries attract Maharashtra to experience wildlife.

Even the state government is taking steps to safeguard these national parks in Maharashtra and provides facilities like night stay, Safaris, Jeep Rides, etc. Some of the wildlife sanctuaries in Maharashtra are equipped with a library and audio-visual facilities too.

List of Wildlife Sanctuaries in Maharashtra

Below is the list of some best national parks in Maharashtra which you can explore with your friends and family.

Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary
Chandoli National Park Mayani Bird Sanctuary
Bor Wildlife Sanctuary Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary
Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary Yawal Wildlife Sanctuary
Karnala Bird Sanctuary Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary
Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary Nagzira wildlife sanctuary
Melghat Tiger Reserve Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary
Tadoba Tiger Reserve Pench National Park

National parks in Maharashtra

National parks in Maharashtra are homes to many wild animals like tigers, bison, chitals, sambars, peacocks, deer, monkeys, bears, wild dogs, leopards, barking deer, flying squirrel and many more. Even huge species of birds, butterflies, snakes, and other reptiles found in these sanctuaries.

The best time to visit these wildlife sanctuaries in Maharashtra is winter and summer. Tourists are advised not to visit these sanctuaries in the monsoon to avoid inconvenience.

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