Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary

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Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary: A Place To See Bison

Dajipur National Park is a small village of unparalleled natural beauty and resources. It is home to a famous Bison reserve. Tourists from all over the world come to see the bison roaming in the forests. Bison are fierce animals, but if you have proper tour guides, and take a designated car, your experience of bison watching will be enjoyable.

Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary is located near the border of Kolhapur and Sindhudurg districts and it is completely surrounded by mountain ranges. Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary is quiet and there is human habitat in the lap.

Though Dajipur is famous for bison, there are other animals like, wild deer, chital, gawa, and beautiful birds that can be found here. This secluded and serene nature of the place makes it a wonderful holiday destination. Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary is a haven for wildlife and nature lovers. Adventure-loving tourists come back to Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary every year. There is much sightseeing to be done when you are visiting Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary.

Gagangiri Maharaj’s Math is a nice picnic spot; there is a scenic resort near the backwaters of the Radhanagari. This is a beautiful place to visit. Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary is well connected by train and place.

Dajipur Sanctuary is close to the airport Belgaum and if you are coming by train the nearest train station is Kolhapur. There are comfortable and reasonable hotels, both government and private. If you are visiting at pick time, you must make a reservation first. Visiting Dajpur is surely going to be a very pleasant experience for you, because of its wonderful wildlife.

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