Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

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Located at the trifurcation of three districts of Sangli district, Maharashtra, I am Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary widly known as Sagareshwar Deer Park – a man-made artificially cultivated forest with an area of 10.87 square kilometers and am visited by a large number of visitors every year.

I hold a prominent position among all wildlife sanctuary and reserve forests not only in Maharashtra, but also in India because I am entirely a man-made sanctuary created from a planned afforestation program with cooperation from the local people. Since, Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary also don’t have sufficient natural perennial water supply. Most of the wild life species that I have is also artificially introduced.

Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary forests can be broadly classified in two categories – southern dry mixed deciduous forest and southern thorn forests and there are also grassy hill slopes those add to the natural beauty of mine. Due to protection from forest fire and grazing there is also a very good regeneration of dry deciduous species of plants.

Tamarind, Neem, Nilgiri, Khair, Agave and Acacia trees constitute the main forest areas. Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is also home to around 52 species of animals including sambar deer, blackbucks, chital and muntjac. Small carnivores like foxes, hyena and porcupines are also there along with many different types of birds including peacock and reptiles like python.

Apart from my unique attraction of being a man-made sanctuary I, Sagareshwar Dear Park do also have cultural, religious and archeological significance and is visited by many tourists every year. Hiking to the top of the hill in my sanctuary area is a very popular activity among the tourists and from the top of the hill you can have a spectacular view of Krishna River flows through a dark greenery of grapevines and sugarcane fields.

Best Season to Visit Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

August to February is the pick tourism season when Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary visited by maximum number of tourists, but you can come to me anytime of the year and there should be no problem of any kind.

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