Prati Balaji, Pune

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My name is Prati Balaji Temple. You can find me 45km away from Pune near the Pune-Satara Highway. Just nearby the benchmark of Nasarapur Phata you can take a left to reach me. I will be very much happy to have your presence in my premises, just as happy as Lord Balaji would be.

Picnic Spot cum Worship

I can preferably say you can visit me as a one day picnic if you hail from Pune or anywhere near the city in Maharashtra. Along with worshiping your favorite lords you can roam around some other places near me like Baneshwar, Purandar, Narayanpur and also Bhatgar Dam route. The ambience and the serenity will please you till the last minute of your stay.

Prati Balaji Temple Design

My design as a temple is highly intricate and with complete solitude. My structure was made as in a replica for the Tirupati Balaji Temple in Chennai. I have inside me a huge idol of Lord Venkateshwara. This Hindu God resides in the soul of every south Indian specifically.

Four different other small temples inside me are some of the worthy architectures carved out. The surfaces of my walls are painted with images of various gods and their poses. This extraordinary creation of artistic skills is praised by art lovers all over the world.

Prati Balaji Temple Timings

Before you plan to set out to visit me, take a note of the timings when the Gods’ worship can be savored to you. The temple remains open since 5 in the morning till 8 in the night daily. But the major turn on is the Maha-Aarti followed by Maha-prasad in the morning and evenings. Those are the apt times to reach at the temple so that my doors to your gods are open for blessings.

After having tasty, good quality, free Prasad you can continue with leaving me and smelling surrounding air of various other places near and within Pune.

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  • May 20, 2018 at 1:51 pm

    This divine temple of Lord Balaji is one of the most famous spot near Pune. Every time I have some guests from other towns on India I get them to visit this beautiful replica of Balaji temple at Tirupati. This post provides good information on temple & timings. Thank you for the post.


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