Tourist Places To Visit In Nanded

Nanded is the 8th largest Urban agglomeration of Maharashtra and also the 2nd largest city in Marathwada region after Aurangabad. Nanded is known to all the Sikhs as it is a very sacred destination for them. After the Golden Temple at Amritsar called Harmandir Sahib, Nanded is the 2nd holiest site of Skihs known as Hazur Sahib Nanded.

Nanded is one of the oldest historic cities in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra. It is located on the north bank of River Godavari. Nanded city has long been commanding respect and attention from thousands of people from across the country.

Places to Visit in Nanded

Shri Hazur Abchalnagar Sahib Gurudwara, Nanded
Shrikshetra Mahurgadh, Nanded
Kandhar Fort, Nanded
Kandhar Falls, Nanded
Nanded Fort, Nanded
Isapur Dam, Nanded
Masjid of Biloli, Nanded
Kaleshwar Temple, Nanded
Aundhya Nagnath, Nanded
Mahurgadh, Nanded

History of Nanded City

Nanded was ruled by the Nanda dynasty in the 5th and 4th centuries BC. It was established in 1610 AD. Nanded was formerly called Nanditat. It became a part of the Hyderabad state in 1725 A.D. and after independence, Nanded became part of Maharashtra on the basis of linguistic formation of states.

Nanded has a total population of 550,564 and a total land area of 63.22 km2. Marathi is the official language and the type of government is Nanded-Waghala Municipal Corporation.  Nanded feels proud to have an association with the first as well as last gurus of the Sikh religion. It enjoys an 87.40% literacy rate.

The last Guru of Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh passed away in Nanded that made the city spiritually very significant to the Sikh community. Hazur Sahib Nanded Gurudwara has been established where the last Guru took his last breath. His remains are preserved here, along with his weapons.

Sikh tourists and also other religious followers equally visit Nanded for this purpose. It was built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in the 19th century. Nanded enjoys the honor of being one of the 5 High seats of the Authority of the Sikhs. Sahasrakund waterfall, Nanded fort and Kandhar fort are other places of Nanded tourism.

Climate and Weather in Nanded

Nanded receives most of the rainfall in June, August, and July. Summers are hot but not extreme and winters are cold. The best time to visit Nanded is during winters, but on any occasion, people can visit Nanded and gain rich religious experience and divine peace.

Culture in Nanded

Multi-cuisine food is available. Both modern and traditional dresses are worn in Nanded. Nanded city is a paradise for shoppers, many shopping destinations are available and art and craft shops, too.

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