Tourist Places To Visit In Sangli

Sangli is known as a “turmeric city” for its immense contribution to turmeric production and distribution. The Ganesha temple is the most notable landmark and a major cause to pull tourists to Sangli. Its original name was Sahagali. The history of Sangli reveals it was as old as the 12th century AD. It was merged into Maharashtra after 1947.

Places to Visit in Sangli

Krishna River, Sangli
Shri Ganapati Temple, Sangli
Sangli Fort, Sangli
Irwin Bridge, Sangli
Sangameshwar Temple, Sangli
Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, Sangli
Chandoli National Park, Sangli
Dargah of Miraj, Sangli
Bahuballi Hill Temples(Kumbhojgiri), Sangli
Dandoba Hill Station, Sangli
Gokak Water Falls, Sangli
Prachitgad Fort, Sangli
Shri Kshetraaudumbar, Sangli

Facts of Sangli City

Sangli is situated in between the Warna and Krishna rivers. This is why it enjoys a good cultivable land and it boosts agricultural production.

  • Sangli owns a total land of 118.18 km2
  • 513,862 total inhabitants
  • Marathi is the official language, followed by Hindi and English.
  • Sangli enjoys an impressive literacy rate of 81.48% and Sangli city’s population is well educated.

Climate and Weather in Sangli

Sangli enjoys a semi-arid climate with 3 distinct seasons only a hot, dry summer from the middle of February to the middle of June, a rainy season from the middle of June to late October, and a mild cool season from early November to early February. The total rainfall is around 580 mm. Rainfall is not very high. The best time to visit Sangli is in winter.

Culture in Sangli City

Sangli city invites you to take a dip in the culture and experience uniqueness. The food habit of the people is characterized by lots of spice. Street food is thoroughly enjoyed here. Eateries like restaurants can be located in many parts of Sangli. Food and beverages are available in plenty and there are pubs.

Sangli does not have a very exciting nightlife compared to metro cities. Shopping destinations can be located by visitors, however; art and craft shops are witnessed mostly selling local artworks.

Ganesh Chaturthi is enjoyed with full enthusiasm and in spirit by people here.

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