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The beautiful beach of Shiroda is situated in a place called Velagar which is 19 km away from Vengurla. The water is sparkling in nature and blue in color the cool sea breeze is more than enough to get you on a high. One can see a lot of palm trees and coconut trees. A lot of people visit Shiroda and its surrounding areas for sightseeing at Shiroda Beach.


In Shiroda there is something called as Pansal and something one should not miss while visiting. Salt Satyagrah was done in Shiroda by Mahtama Gandhi in the 1930’s. There’s another Tourist Attraction and its called Sagareshwar beach & Mochemad beach.

Terekhol Fort:

There are two more places to see at Shiroda Beach called Shiroda Mithagar and the Terekhol Fort. This fort is situated on a big hill near the seashore.

Redi Ganesh Mandir:

Redi is a small city near Shiroda Beach. Redi Ganesh Temple is famous in tourist and you should not miss this place while visiting Shiroda beach. The Ganesh idol of this temple was found in the mines of Redi.

Redi Ganesh Mandir
Redi Ganesh Mandir

Aravali Beach:

Aravali is a long and clean beach and one can just relax on the sand without having to worry about anything. This beach is an absolute beauty and is also known to be a lonely beach. The greenery in the area is simply gorgeous.

Aravali Beach
Aravali Beach

A lot of people travel from various parts of India visit Shiroda, Mumbai being the closest to this place a lot of people love to travel this marvelous place in Shiroda. So if you’re looking for an amazing, peaceful and a quiet place, the Shiroda beach is very beautiful. The main attraction to this place is not only the beautiful coast in Malvan but also the Pansal.

There are a lot of people who do fishing in this place and it’s one of their sources of income. People also generate income through tender coconuts selling. Many people love the delicacies in this place; the food consists of fish, prawns, fish curry. The cuisine is simply amazing and once should miss the opportunity of eating while you’re visiting Shiroda beach.

If you’re looking to have quiet time with family and friends and loved ones then this is the place that you should definitely go. Children will simply enjoy the blue waters and they will just love playing in the very clean sand. A lot of people love to swim in this beautiful sea.

Shiroda is an ideal place for one to travel as its 508 km from Mumbai and one could easily drive down and enjoy the beautiful roads that lead to the beautiful beach in Shiroda. So if you’re looking to cut off from a busy lifestyle for a while, then this place is simply amazing. You can simply relax and rejuvenate yourself and go back refreshed back home.

So what are you waiting for get your bags packed and get ready for a life time’s adventure to the beautiful Shiroda beach and its surrounding area, don’t forget to carry your swim wear as that’s something you’d love to do, but please ensure you know to swim or have someone with that knows how to swim before you venture out in the sea. It’s a wonderful experience and you will definitely enjoy it especially if you’ve never ventured into the sea ever before.

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