Vijaydurg Beach

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I am Vijaydurg Beach- one of the most amazing picturesque beaches in Maharashtra. Apart from my scintillating beauty and my prime location facing Arabian Sea, I am also famous for my association with the great Maratha ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji. Vijaydurg fort built by Shivaji in the 17th century is in my vicinity. This adds more charm to Vijaydurg Beach beauty as tourists flock in abundance to witness my beauty and historical links.

I am a secluded beach in the Konkan region with a lot of greenery and scenic beauty. Along with the serenity and soothing aura, I offer a lot of activities to the tourists. Vijaydurg Beach offer numerous recreational activities like water surfing, skiing, scuba diving, swimming, and parasailing.

vijaydurg beach

Tourists give a halt to their overburdened life and hectic schedule to come here and bask in the lap of the nature. They enjoy exploring aquatic animals in my clear water. The tourists also enjoy bird watching as I attract many migratory birds. Everyone is enamored by splendor. Vijaydurg Beach give everyone the most unforgettable memories of their life.

The natural beauty is simply in abundance here. Visitors feel so fresh and calm after visiting here. They relax, stroll, sit, bask in the sun, and witness the amazing sunrise and sunset views. They are spellbound and completely enraptured by my immaculate beauty. The coconut trees and green plantations enhance the visual texture and further enhance my beauty.

Weather in Vijaydurg Beach

The best part is that I enjoy temperate climate. The winters are gently cold and the summers are pleasant and cool. I am the place where one regains the strength and vigor. The fresh dose of oxygen along with the cool sea breezes enlivens the visitors. However, I receive plenty of rainfall so tourists who come here in anticipation of enjoying outdoor recreational activities must consult the weather forecast beforehand.

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