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Lenyadri caves are located near to Junnar, in Pune district of Maharashtra state, India; having 30 beautiful rock-cut architectural Buddhist caves. On the North-west bank of river Kukadi; Lenyadri is situated. There are big steps to climb up to reach the Lenyadri caves. When one reaches to the caves, there is a beautiful view from the above. The cave 7 contains one of the famous Ashtavinayak holy places i.e a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesh. This place is the combination of spiritual as well as scenic beauty. There are many attractive places to see at and around the Lenyadri caves.

Girijatmaj Temple:

One of the Ashtavinayak shrines, the temple of Lord Girijatmaj is situated at the Lenyadri. It is the sixth Lord Ganesh temple. Devotees worship all the Ashtavinayakas and since this place is one of the eight Ganesh temples of Ashtavinayak, it always remains crowded.

Naneghat, Junnar:

Naneghat is located at about 4.2 kms from the Lenyadri caves and it takes around 10 mins to reach there. Naneghat is a mountain pass that are situated in the Western Ghats range. This is one of the heritage attractions in Junnar.

Shivneri Caves, Junnar:

Shivneri caves are also located at the distance of 4.2 kms from the lenyadri caves i.e on the 10 mins distance. These caves are located at the Shivneri hills. These Buddhist caves are example of the beautiful architecture that had been created that time. For nature lovers, this is the perfect place since one gets to see many different types of flowers and trees at this place.

Shivneri Fort, Junnar:

Shivneri fort is a wonderful fort having the historical background of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj; located just at 2 kms from the Lenyadri caves. It is the birthplace of Shivaji Maharaj, the founder of Maratha Empire. The fort is surrounded by the protection walls to stay protected from the enemies that time. The fort consists of the water tanks, Amber khana, shiv smarak, jail and many gates. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was born at this fort in 1630 and he spent his childhood at the Shivneri fort. A small temple, dedicated to Goddess Shivai Devi, is there inside the fort, after whom Shivaji Maharaj was named. There are statues of Jijabai (mother of Shivaji Maharaj) and yound shivaji. “Badami Talav” which is located at the centre of the fort is one of attractions for the visitors. Two water springs in the fort, “Ganga” and “Yamuna” have water throughout the year.

Other Destinations Near Lenyadri Caves

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