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Located on the Jangli Maharaj Road, in the heart of Pune city, Maharashtra, India; Pataleshwar caves are one of the beautiful rock-cut caves having their roots in the earlier period of the 8th century. The carvings are very beautiful and they were in the period of Rashtrakuta.

This is a very peaceful and calm place and it has a small gate at the entrance as well a wide Banyan tree. There is circular structure as well housing Nandi inside the place. The best thing about this place is even though this place is located in the crowded city like Pune, this is the place that truly gives a feel of relaxation to the visitors.

There are many attractive places to see near Pataleshwar Caves.

Jangli Maharaj Temple:

Next to Pataleshwar Caves Temple, the famous Jangli Mahraj Temple is located, on the Jangli Maharaj Road, in Shivaji nagar. The Samadhi of Jangli Mahraj is available at this place. There is a way in the Jangli Maharaj Temple premises that goes to Pataleshwar Caves temple.

Shaniwar Wada:

Shaniwar Wada is the oldest and royal palace in the Pune city and it was constructed by Bajirao, in 1730. It was the head quarter of the Peshwas that time and it is considered as one of the prime attractions of the Pune. There are mamy places to see inside the Shaniwar wada that make us understand the culture of Peshwas. We get to see, the Ganesh Mahal, Aarsa Mahal, Rang Mahal, Diwan Khana, Hasti Dant here.

Saras Baug:

The Saras Baug is a beautiful garden in Pune and it houses a beautiful temple of Lord Ganpati. Many devotees per day visits this temple and it is believed that the Lord Ganesha at this temple makes wishes true. In addition to this, the Saras Baug is a wonderful place to take walk or spend a quality time.

Aga Khan Palace:

Aga Khan Palace was built by Sultan Mohammad Shah Aga Khan III in 1892. It is one of the beautiful architectural structures in the Pune city and one of the biggest and famous landmarks in the Indian history. Another important significance of this place is; it was the prison for Mahatma Gandhi, Kasturba Gandhi (his wife) and his secretary Mahadev Bhai.

Shivneri Fort:

Shivneri fort is the huge fort situated around 92 KMs from Pune city that has an historical background because of the Maratha Ruler, Chatrapati Shivaji Mahraj. This fort is the birthplace of Shivaji Maharaj. He spent his whole childhood on the Shivneri fort.

Lal Mahal:

The Lal Mahal is one of the most famous monuments in Pune that also has a historical background. Lal Mahal was established by Shahaji Maharaj (father of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj) for his wife Jijabai and his son. This mahal is made up of red bricks and Shivaji Maharaj stayed at Lal Mahal for many years.

Places to Visit Near Pataleshwar Caves

Pune City

Khandala Lonavala

Ekvira Temple

Lohagad Fort

Karnala Bird Sanctuary

Matheran Hill Station

Sangram Durg, Chakan

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