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Shivneri fort is a birth place of Shivaji Maharaj and it holds great historical importance as it is witness of many historical events. To reach at the top of the fort you have to cross 7 doors and once you reach at the fort you will surely have a great historical experience. Shivnery fort is ideal for a one day trip and requires moderate trekking experience.

Below are some important places to visit at Shivneri Fort:

Shivai Devi Temple

This is an old and beautiful temple where Jijabai use to visit daily whenever she is at Shivneri fort. The face of the goddess is at Bhimashankar to lord Shiva. It is to be said that the God Shiva and Goddess Shivai (Parvati) were protecting the fort.

7 Doors at Shivneri Fort

To reach at the top of the fort you need to cross 7 big doors. These seven doors known as “Rajmarg” or “SakhaliVaat”. Each of these doors are huge and intricately carved. These 7 doors are known as Maha Darwaza, Parvangicha Darwaza, Hatti Darwaza, Peer Darwaza, Shipai Darwaza, Phatak Darwaza and Kulambkat Darwaza.

Jijabai’s Wada

This is the place where Jijabai was staying and it is the place where Shivaji Maharaj born. This place is locally popular as Shiv mandir.

Statues of Maasaheb and Bal Shivaji

Whenever anyone visit Shivneri fort they visit this place and take blessing of Maa Jijabai and Shivaji Maharaj.

Kadelot Point

Kadelot point is a cliff from where the ruler punishes the criminals by throwing them down. You can found Kadelot point at almost all forts of Shivaji Maharaj.

Ganja Jamuna Water Tank

Ganja Jamuna are two huge water tank lools like a cave. This was the main source of drinking water for the people who stays and works on the Shivneri fort. The water at Ganja Jamuna springs is very sweet and cold and it is available throughout the year. Everyone is surprised to see such huge and natural water storage tanks at height of more than 100 meters.

Badami Talav

Badami Talav is located at the center of the fort and its water was used for utility work and as drinking water for horses and elephants.

Other Destinations Near Shivneri Fort

Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary

Bhimashankar Jyothirlingam

Lenyadri Caves

Malshej Ghat

Bhandardara Hill Station

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