Toranmal Hill Station

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Toranmal Hill Station- A Place of Temples

I, Toranmal hill station a small plateau region that is located in the Satpura hills covering an area of 41 square kilometers approx. I share my boundaries with Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat. The hill station lies under the district of Nandurbar in Maharashtra.

This area is basically a tribal area. It is believed I was named after an ancient tree that blossomed so prolifically that the locals started worshipping Torana Devi, regarded as the goddess of fertility. There is also a temple of Torna goddess located at the top of the Satpura hills.

I am considered to be a small and unexplored hill station that is beautifully surrounded by the Barwani hills of the Satpura range. It is believed that I was formed by the cutting of a stream from north to south. I am regarded as the second coolest station in the state of Maharashtra.

toranmal hill station

I experience a relatively cool climate during the summers. My lush green surroundings attract people from everywhere. I am a perfect blend of scenic beauty and quietness of nature. I am a perfect place for those who wish to take a quick break from the noisy environment of their cities.

The Yashwant Lake, the Torna Devi temple, Khadki point, Nagarjun point, Kalapani waterfalls, the lotus lake, Macchindra cave are considered to be the main places of attractions in Tornamal. Among all the other temples the Gorakhnath temple and the Nagarjuna temple are of great importance to the people in Toranmal.

Thousands of people from Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat gather at the Gorakhnath temple to attend a fair conducted on the eve of the Maha Shivratri day.

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