Babulnath Temple Mumbai

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Babulnath Temple in Mumbai was built long back in the 12th century by the Hindu King Raja Bhimdev who was a great warrior and ruler in Maharashtra. But later something happened that the Babulnath Temple got buried deep down in the grounds of the land where it was built which earthed the idols of Lord Shiva and other Gods. Later it was only in the year 1780 that Babulnath Mandir was brought back to the PERIOD!

Babulnath Temple Mumbai

After being lost for centuries Babulnath Temple was re-built and reformed by many kings of their times. Babulnath Mandir was and still is known for its periodic infrastructure and creative assets.

Possessions of Babulnath Temple

The rooms at Babulnath Temple are lit with the presence of Hindu Gods viz. Lord Ganesha, Shiva, Parvati, and Hanuman. Apart from them, there was another Idol as well which was dug out broken while Babulnath Mandir in Mumbai was getting restored. The Idol was anyhow presented to the waters of the sea.

The Parsi unconnected

When King Bhimdev proposed building the Babulnath Temple, there was a huge dispute between the Hindu and the Parsi Communities. The land on which the temple was supposedly built was claimed to be the Parsian Land due to the presence of five Dakhmas on the land. The community has later dragged the authorities to court where the settlement was favored for the temple and hence the resistance was pulled off.

Where can you find Babulnath Temple?

Babulnath Temple is situated in the posh city of Mumbai near Girgaun Chowpatty. Babulnath Mandir was made from the then finest stones and rocks, carved by the best artists and painters. Babulnath Temple is visited in a huge number by the devotees during the festival of Mahashivratri, possibly the day when Parvati and Shiv were tied in wedlock. The devotees who visit are necessarily not Shiva disciples but even other Hindu God followers too visit the Babulnath Temple in Mumbai.

If you happen to visit Mumbai next time, do visit Babulnath Temple and acquire the blessing of Lord Shiva for your good will. If you are an atheist even then visit the temple to take a look at the striking work of the architecture that the Babulnath Temple grant.

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