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I am a one of the most sort-after mythological temple in the country, I am Bhuleshwar Temple. I hold the significance of containing the idol of Shiva and being there for a huge number of Shiva devotees all round the year. The love story between Parvati and Shiva was believed to have started here in my vicinity. I also hold within me the gorgeous idol of Ganesha in the womanly attire commonly called Ganeshwari or Lambodari.

Where Am I Placed?

I am placed on the top of a huge fort in Pune named Daulatmangal which was built by Murar Jagdev in his time of rule when he conquered Pune. I am situated just 45 kms away from the core city of Pune and 10 kms from the Solapur Highway from Yawat. I am declared worldwide as a part of the enlisted protected monuments.

History Related to Me

I have a huge connection with the history of India and its rulers. I have been a witness of many atrocities and fortifications. During reconstruction I had some minor changes done that include 3 spires of temple, hall in the front of the temple and Nagarkhana on the top of the hall. I was built in the 11th Century by the Yadava Rulers of Maharashtra. After which a series of rulers ruled the city and made their own kinds of contributions. But it was during the reign of the Muslims that the temple was ruined and had to be re-constructed. This fort was built by him in order to keep a closer watch on the city and to keep it safe from other attackers.

Places around me

Narayanbet is a beautiful bird watching spot during the summers just 10 to 15kms away from where I stand. The place invites a lot of dazzling and chirping birds in the summers making the place look further crowded and craved.

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  • August 30, 2016 at 7:54 pm

    Recently I have visited the Bhuleshwar Temple in Pune. It is very peaceful place I have ever visited. The architecture of the temple is very nice.


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