Birla Mandir Shahad

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I am one of the many Birla Mandirs constructed all over India. Why did I just say ‘one of the many’ because I am one of the parts of the concept of Birla Mandir that includes the creation of these temples by the famous industrialists – Birla Family. It was an initiative taken forward by them in order to dedicate me to different Hindu Gods with an excellence of architecture and design.

My Qualities

I am one of those Birla Temples in Shahad which is also known locally as the Vithoda Rukmini Temple. I have an amazing construction with eminent carvings and paintings clad on me. The moment you have a glimpse of my work you will surely have your jaws dropped. The appealing sensations and the beauty whittled on my walls have been a sign of great work and non-deceptive art forms.

My Attributes

On both the sides of my entrance, I have two huge elephants carved from stone which look welcoming. The walls of my temple have figurines of Godly images which are yet another representation of fineness. My walls, floors, ceilings and each and every inch of the stone boast the adoring qualities of the temple.

Where Am I Exactly?

Planning a visit at my place will venture you deep into the Ulhasnagar Taluka in Maharashtra. I am precisely situated in the premise of Century Rayon Company in Shahad. You can have some slices of my looks in one of the many old Bollywood flicks like Suhaag, Prem Granth and even Tere Naam.

So next time, even if you just plan to venture out of the city to visit Maharashtra on a weekend or extended trips you should definitely try coming to me for relating the art of temples and the art which you might have seen online in form of graphics and VFX.

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