Gajanan Maharaj Temple, Kanhor

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I am a place of Samadhi. Sant Gajanan Maharaj most of his lifetime at Shegoan near the district of Akola in Maharashtra, resided in my premises. During his Samdhi he needed a place filled with pious serenity and tranquil ambiance. That is how I came into existence. Gajanan Maharaj had a number of devotees in Sheogon who worshiped him and heard to his preaching the whole day long. Later the Samadhi place was created into me and I am now called the Ganjanan Maharaj Temple. I have siblings who are built in other parts of the state.

My Natural Connection

I am situated in the middle of lush green natural environment which has uplifted the feeling of my place for the devotees who visit me every day in a large number. The calm and serene vibes which I already possessed around me since ages is still content within and around me.

How did I happen to exist?

There are many people behind my foundation. All thanks to Shri Shripadro Kulkarni who was a real ardent devotee of the Sant in Samadhi. He has devoted his gesture of care and fidelity by giving away his land of millions to construct a temple in the name of Sant Gajanan Maharaj.

The Village

I am situated in a core village way ahead in Badlapur. The place is merely 10 to 15 minutes away from the main railway station and really easy to get here. I am now handled by the Ganjanan maharaj Seva Samiti who has a group of devoted and hard working members taking care of the issues and events organized within me. There are seasonal festivals and events being conducted in my halls and grounds where people of the villages and also the other devotees do take part in the same with equal zest and gesto!

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