Mahalakshmi Temple, Mumbai

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Mahalaxmi Temple is one of the most ancient existences in Mumbai. It is the temple bearing Goddess Mahalaxmi who is the goddess of Money and Wealth. The Goddess is gorgeously placed inside the halls of Mahalakshmi Temple with stunning accessories of gold, diamonds, and other gems. This magnificent Mahalakshmi idol is worth a glimpse! Plus the position of Mahalakshmi Temple in Mumbai is on the lap of the ocean bed which is simply tranquil and apt to spend some ‘me’ time!

Mahalaxmi Temple in Mumbai

As the time nears for Navratri, somewhere between September and October, more and more enthusiasm around Mahalakshmi Temple is felt. With decorations and pakwaans (confectioneries) Mahalakshmi Temple is made to look even more exquisite and posh.

History of Mahalakshmi Temple Mumbai

Long back in the 18th century Hindus had immersed idols of goddesses so that the Muslim invaders do not harm those idols or anyone who possesses them. Long after that time When the British ruled India, Lord Horneby under the instructions of his authorities with the help of a Govt. engineer Ramji Shivji Prabhu tried to create a link between the islands of Malhar hill and Worli Hill.

But after successive trials getting in vain, the engineer had a dream of Goddess Mahalaxmi who ordered him to pull out all the drowned Goddess idols which he did the next morning with the help of his fellow engineers. Then what happened is an interesting history which included the completion of this unexpected link and a positive success for the Indian engineers.

Mahalaxmi Temple Goddesses

In the halls of Mahalakshmi Temple the precious presence of Goddess Mahalaxmi, Goddess Mahakali, and Goddess Saraswati who have laid their hands of blessing on the heads of everyone who has ever visited! Mahalakshmi Temple was built in the year 1761 AD which will be quite recent according to the records of other temples.

Around Mahalakshmi Temple

Apart from visiting the Mahalaxmi Temple in Mumbai serene ambiance try out some great shopping malls like Heera Panna shopping center and Atria Mall just within the vicinity which will change the whole aspect of shopping for you.

So next time you come to Mumbai try spending some of the quality time at the Mahalakshmi Temple. Hope you love it.

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