Swaminarayan Temple, Mumbai

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Swaminarayan temple in MumbaiĀ is more than 100 years old. It is located in Bhuleshwar. Swaminarayan temple has been serving all the new and old devotees especially the Gujarati devotees. People in Gujarat are known to be big-time foodies and the offerings made here are quite lavish and the pakvaans are really luxurious and huge.

The vicinity of Swaminarayan Mandir in Mumbai has joyous and whole-hearted devotees who are ready to put their time and money into the making of the Prasad.

What is there in Swaminarayan Temple?

Inside the temple area, there are three main spire structures made in order to establish the existence of the lords any day. Swaminarayan temple has the Gods viz. Laxminarayan Dev, Krishna Dev, Gaulokvihari, Ghanshyam Maharaj, Radha ji, and of course the very own Swaminarayan Dev Bhuleshwar has an elaborate flower galli which is famous for having all the kinds of flowers at exposure for the pleasing the Gods present within the Swaminarayan Mandir.

The front gate of the Swaminarayan temple in Mumbai and the entrance speaks it all. It has a really beautiful frontage which makes it look grand already. After that, there are some 20 to 25 steps that end with an audience hall. There are shrines of Lords Ganesha and Hanuman in the hall.

On the walls of the Swaminarayan temple, there are paintings and carvings of Krishnalila, an eminent part of Mahabharata, in the form of a preacher and the torchbearer. The hall beneath has a support of more than 50 pillars which are further decorative and highly designed with the old architectural style making it look to stand out!

Best time to Visit Swaminarayan temple

Festivals like Janmashtami, Mahashivaratri, Ganesh Chaturthi, Vaman jayanti, Nrisshimha, Hindola in the month of Shravan are the days when particular celebrations are conducted by the authorities of Swaminarayan temple.

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