Yamai Devi, Sakhargadnivasini Temple

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I am Yamai Devi Temple. I am located near the Satara town which has a lot of historical importance looking through the narration of olden times in the modern books. Within me there is a grand and a beautiful carved Nandi and a Shivling along with the idol of Yamai Devi.

Goddess Mahishasur Mardini Yamai Devi is the goddess of the villagers who reside nearby. They pay me a visit while on their way to new places or in towns. The idol of Yamai Devi is made of black stone which stand 2 to 2.5 meters tall. People in Maharashtra as a whole pay their prayers to her.

Family Origins of Yamai Devi Temple, Satara

As it is relates to the village Aundh there are lots of considerations given to the family shrine as well as the position of being a kuldevi for the people in Aundhaand even for the Kings and Rulers who ruled Aundh. The museum in my precise is the best set example for viewing the best possible artifacts as well as the remains, costumes, accessories, ornaments of erstwhile Maharajas of Aundh.

Right from the architecture and my style the attributes are given to the kings for maintaining my historical set up as it was made! The images of the family Gods, their costumes and expressions are all carved on my walls very auspiciously. Rakshas Aundhasur’s head is also one of the many carvings on me.

History of Yamai Devi, Sakhargadnivasini Temple

SkandaPurana has a mention of my name and my goddess where during the rule of demons on earth, one of them – Rakta Beej was a Shiva disciple. He had obtained a boon from him through heavy penance of powers and impunity.

While fearing his powers which he used for ill effects and harsh treatment on the people in the town, sages and gurus started their prayers to please Shakti Mata who came down in the form of Devi Yamai and destroyed the ego and falsified self esteem of the demon. She had come to protect her people from this huge mistake of nature! In her honor I was built for the remembrance of her deed.

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