Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

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I, Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, am located in Supe, Baramati Tahsil of Pune District, Maharashtra. Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary Pune is popular for my wildlife population of chinkaras or Indian gazelle, Hyena, Indian wolf and Indian fox. Though I have small area coverage of 5.14 Sq. Km only, but that is also a good thing for tourists who come to visit me for sighting those animals.

Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is mostly made of dry deciduous scrub forest of Khair, Hivar, Sisoo, Bern and Karwand trees and interspersed grasslands and apart from the animals already mentioned. I am also home to a variety of birds including, Indian Roller, Black-winged Kite, Grey Hornbill, Grey Hornbill, Grey Partridges, Eurasian Collared Dove, White-throated Kingfisher, Ashy-crowned Sparrow Lark, Shrike, Laughing Dove, Blue-cheeked Bee-eater, Indian Silverbills, Eagle and Babblers.

I, Mayureshwar National Park am not only popular for my birds and wildlife population, but I also offer stunning landscapes and a kind of natural beauty that will make you come and visit me time and gain. Depending upon the season, you can see lot of birds.

If you want to have an experience of sighting Indian gazelle in its natural and wild habitat Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is no doubt one of the best place to visit in the state and no wonder that nature loving tourists not only from Maharashtra but also from all over the country visit me throughout the year.

But tourists are not allowed to drive their vehicle in inside my sanctuary area and need to travel on foot, but the walk amidst my wilderness and natural beauty with a very high chance of sighting wild animals in their natural habitat is sure to provide you moments for a lifetime.

Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is a one day picnic place and good place to spend few hours walking around. While visiting me tourists can also visit to the Lord Ganesha temple at Morgaon. It is one of the Ashtavinayaka Ganesha temples.

Weather in Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

As the weather is hot and humid in summer and I also receive moderate to heavy rainfall during the monsoon months, winter is the time that I receive the maximum tourists and you can consider late August to February as the best time for visiting me.

Best Time to Visit Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

It is advisable to visit Mayureshwar National Park after monsoon. September to January is the best time to visit Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Things to Remember while Visiting Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Wear good shoes (Trekking shoes recommended) as the path is rocky.
  • Carry Binocular to watch birds and animals from long distance.
  • Carry water bottles and some snacks but don’t offer them to the animals.
  • Maintain silence and walk calmly which will help you to see the wild animals from short distance.
  • Cameras are not allowed. You can use mobile to capture photos.
  • Don’t throw waste like paper/plastic bags and other things in sanctuary.

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    I want to bring group of 150 & more persons there. So How I can arrange to come there & food everything. I didnt want stay at night I want to do one day picnic. I will come from Mumbai. Pl reply & give your contact no. Thanks. My no. is 9987749985.


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