Lenyadri Caves

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I Lenyadri Caves am a group of 30 rock cut Buddhist caves located near Junnar in the Pune district of Maharashtra in the western part of India. I date back to 1st and 3rd century AD. I am a really old group of rock cut caves in India. The caves very striking due to one very important factor.

Though the group is of Buddhist caves but the cave 7 is a Hindu temple dedicated to lord Ganesha popularly known as Girijatmaj. Lenyadri Caves is a prominent Hindu temple and there is evidence of how much it was popular among the Hindus. The striking part is being a Buddhist site it had so much harmony with other religions.

Lenyadr Caves
Lenyadr Caves

These Lenyadri Caves speaks volumes about the kind of religious system that was prevalent during that period. The people of two separate religions lived in absolute harmony. The caves that were a prominent site of Buddhism were also a prominent site of Hindu religion. It speaks a lot about our then Indian society.

These caves and monuments are the mirror of our then society which comprises of everything from religion to architecture. The Lenyadri Caves have twenty six caves and they are all individually numbered.

The rest of the caves date back to 1st and 3rd century A.D where as the Ganesha shrine is as old as 1st century Back The large and beautiful rock cut water cisterns is a remarkable sculpture.  The architecture  is really very impressive and an outstanding example of craftsmanship.

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