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Located at about 8 kms south to Nashik, Mahrashtra, India; Pandavleni are a group of 24 beautiful and oldest Buddhist caves. This is one of the beautiful and worth visiting places. With no connection to Pandavas, the name “Pandavleni” is the recent name version which had the previous name as Trirashmi. There are around 200 steps to climb. These beautiful caves have their roots back to the period of 1st century BC to 4th century AD period and these carvings are extremely wonderful. Amongst all the caves, cave number 3 and 10 are the best caves. This place can be considered nice to have a short trekking as well. The view of Nashik city from the top is wonderful. These caves are one of the good heritage structures.

How to Reach Pandavleni Caves by Road:

Since Pandavleni Caves are nearer to Nashik, one may reach to nashik if going by car or may catch a bus for Nashik. As Nashik is a quite famous city in Maharahstra; the major cities in Maharashtra are well connected to Nashik by road. From Nashik, there are auto rikshaws available, which may drop you to the Pandavleni caves.

How to Reach Pandavleni Caves by Train:

Nashik is well connected by train to the many major cities in the Maharashtra like Mumbai, Pune, Thane etc as well as the other cities out of the Maharashtra; hence one may opt for a train to Nashik Road railway station. From the Nashik Railway Station, as mentioned, there are auto rikshaws available which drop people to the Pandavleni caves.

How to Reach Pandavleni Caves by Air:

The nearest airport to the Pandavleni Caves is the Gandhinagar Airport which is located in Nashik. If one wishes to go by flight, he or she has to catch a flight to Nashik and then there are autos available that drop people to the Pandavleni caves.

Distance from Major Cities to Pandavleni Caves:

  • Nashik to Pandavleni Caves Distance – 9 KM
  • Igatpuri to Pandavleni Caves Distance – 38 KM
  • Saptashurngi to Pandavleni Caves Distance – 82 KM
  • Shirdi to Pandavleni Caves Distance – 92 KM
  • Manmad to Pandavleni Caves Distance – 101 KM
  • Malegaon to Pandavleni Caves Distance – 118 KM
  • Mumbai to Pandavleni Caves Distance – 159 KM
  • Aurangabad to Pandavleni Caves Distance – 187 KM
  • Pune to Pandavleni Caves Distance – 215 KM

Other Destinations Near Pandavleni Caves

Nashik City

Igatpuri Hill Station


Tryambakeshwar Temple

Saptashrungi Devi Temple

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