Solapur Tourism

Solapur Tourism | Places to Visit in Solapur

My name in Solapur and I am situated in the south-eastern region of Maharashtra, India. I am 49th most populous city in India. I was ruled by many great dynasties of the ancient world, as per history of Solapur, such as Andhrabhratyas, Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas, Yadavas and Bahamanis. During Indian independence movement, my people solely enjoyed full freedom on 11th May, 1930. For this the British Raj officials hanged my sons responsible for it, earning me the name of “The city of Hutatmas” literally meaning “The City of Martyrs”.

Facts of Solapur City

My current Corporation Commissioner is Mr. Vijay Kalam. I have a total population of 951,118 and 83.88% literacy rate. As per the Solapur city information I am located at 1499 ft above sea level and Marathi is the official language. I am proud to say that I house several colleges, schools and educational institutes.

Climate and Weather in Solapur

I experience a dry and semi-arid climatic conditions. Winter is from November to February and April & May are my warmest months, hence do avoid visiting me during this. I receive heavy thunder showers in May. Annually I receive 545 mm of average rainfall.

Solapur Tourist Places

Solapur city guide will reveal the fact that I am marked with several places of tourist interest and that people visit me for my beauty and harm. I have got a lot many names to share here with my potential visitors. To name a few I have Akkalkoth Swami Samarth temple, Sri Siddeshwar temple, Pandharpur, Hazrat Shah Dahur Dargha (popularly believed to make true the wishes of the people), Parasnath Jain temple, Mallikarjuna Jain temple are there to impress and provide divine bliss to people with religious sentiments and interest. For wildlife lovers and adventurers I have in my stock to offer Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary.

For history lovers I present Bhuikot fort. I have got a Science museum also and that completes my Solapur tourism.I enjoy a good connectivity by road and rail to other important cities. Solapur Railway station is my main railway hub. By road I am well connected with other Maharashtra cities and also with adjoining cities of Hyderabad, an important city of Karnataka state.

Culture in Solapur

People with different religious belief co-exist harmoniously in my lap. I, Solapur city, take immense pride in it. Foods of all types are available here. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated by one and all here. Shopping destination are in plenty, specifically local art and craft shops.

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