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Harischandragad, the hill fort, is a part of the glorious Maratha legacy. It has played a vital role in guarding and controlling Malshej Ghat and kothale village’s surrounding areas. This erstwhile Maratha fort was a part of the Mughal Empire until 1747. The fascinating history of this fort has an association with several legends, too. This fort receives its name from the Harischandreshwar Temple.

Ancient caves that date back to the Stone Age dot the landscape of this hill fort. The wall carvings indicate the evidence of this fact. We find the mention of these caves in the Puranas. In the 14th Century, great sage Maharshi Changdev(who created the epic Tatvasaa) stayed here and meditated. Visiting this place gives you a chance to explore its history and the unending scenic beauty.

Harischandreshwar Temple

Where history and devotion come together

Harishchandragad Fort

Fall in love with the carved sculptors and the intricate artwork of the temple. Carved from a single rock, it is a testimony to the marvelous artistry of the ancient artisans. Built during medieval times, the architectural grandeur of this hill fort astounds you. River Mangal Ganga originates from the tanks near the Harischandreshwar Temple. Three caves are located near the temple for the visitors to explore.

Kedareshwar Cave

Give vent to your mystical side.

Kedareshwar Caves Harishchandragad

When you move towards the right direction of the Harischandreshwar Temple, you will come across a huge cave that houses the Shiva Linga- it is the Kedareshwar Cave. The unique attraction here is the Linga that is surrounded by water. The ice-cold water proves as a deterrent to the enthusiasts interested in swimming to the deity. A large rock with four pillars around the Linga works as a support for this cave.

Harischandragad Fort

With rock hard visage that stood the test of time

The robustness and the formidable height of the Hill Fort inspire the visitors. Located in the Junnar region of Malshej Ghat, this place is extremely popular with history enthusiasts and nature lovers.

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Taramati Peak

The vantage point to view the lush surroundings

Taramati (Taramanchi) is the highest point inside the hill fort. From here, you can get a spectacular view of the Naneghat Range, Jivdhan, Malshej Ghat, and Kalsubai. You can spot animals and birds like cheetah, tigers, snakes, flamingoes, and swallows if you are lucky.

Konkan Kada

The challenge that seasoned trekkers love to take

kokankada harishchandragad

At 3,500 ft., the Konkan Kada peak surely poses a great challenge for the trekkers. Much awaits those with the never say die spirits. Highly visited, this is a heaven for adventure sports enthusiasts. Reaching the peak will lead to unforgettable memories. The scenic beauty that awaits you is breathtaking, to say the least. You will be privy to some of the most memorable sunrises and sunsets at this point. Observe nature at its most spectacular moments while basking in the lush surrounding greenery.

Trek to Harishchandragad

Harischandragad is a treasure trove of unending exploration with more temples like the Nageshwar and Saptatirtha and beautiful lakes. The list goes on!!!

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