Tourist Places To Visit in Chiplun

Charismatic Chiplun is a town and a municipal council, located in the Ratnagiri district in Maharashtra. Chiplun is at about 320 km south of Mumbai. The name Chiplun literary means “abode of lord Parshuram”. Chiplun lies on the banks of the river Vashishti. The history of its origins and foundation is not known much, but it is a modern and a fast growing city in Maharashtra.

Sightseeing Places in Chiplun

Parshuram Temple, Chiplun
Sawatsada Waterfall, Chiplun
Gowalkot Fort, Chiplun
Valavalkar Shivaji Museum, Chiplun
Vashishti River, Chiplun

Facts about Chiplun

Chiplun city, is 23 ft above sea level. It provide shelter to 55,139 people. As the number reveals, Chiplun is not inhabited by a large population, but people live in harmony with nature and with other fellow beings here. Chiplun city is well connected to the National Highway 17 or NH-66 as well as the State Highway 78.

  • An impressive literacy rate of 90%
  • Gender ration is 50:50
  • Chiplun houses the Koyna Hydroelectric Power Project Stages III & IV. I

Weather and Climate in Chiplun

Chiplun has a tropical climate, dominated by rainfall; most part of the year. Annual rainfall is 3793 mm and average annual temperature 27.3Centigrade. May is the warmest and January is the coldest month. in Chiplun. Best time to visit Chiplun is during the winter season, ie., October-March.

Culture in Chiplun

Konkan culture dominates here. Chiplunkar (people of Chiplun city) are modern in their outlook, but have strong ties with their traditional culture. Konkani cuisine is the chief cuisine enjoyed here. The food here is very spicy with maximum use of red chilli powder, coconut oil, coconut milk, paste and using kokum & raw mango as souring agents in food.

Two styles of Konkani food is followed by people called Brahmin style and Non-Brahmin style. The Brahmin style uses little spice and more coconut ingredients, whereas Non-Brahmin style uses more spices and less coconut. Chiplun City Guide will help outsiders understand the culture pretty well and also locate the restaurants, pubs, bars, entertainment zones, theatres, multiplexes across the land.

Chiplun Tourism

Chiplun guide helps tourist discover my natural and incredible scenic beauty and important landmarks. Worth mentioning Chiplun tourism places are Parshuram temple, Sawatsada Waterfall, Gowalkot Fort, Marleshwar temple, Walavalkar Shivaji Museum, and Vashishti river. Road and Rail connectivity is excellent. Come visit Chiplun anytime.

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