Tourist Places To Visit in Dhule

Dhule have earned the prestige of being named as one of the few well-planned cities of India. Further, Dhule is a part of Delhi-Mumbai Corridor Project that plans to set up “smart cities” for the next techno-pro generation. History about Dhule says that its planning was done by Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya.

Dhule Tourism

Dhule tourism attracts many tourists as it is blessed with important pilgrimage sites, natural beauty and as such. Rajwade Museum, Ekvira Mata temple, Amali, Indave, Shiv Teerth Circle, Gurudwara of Dhule, Laling Fort, Toranmal, Songir, Sarangkheda, Anerdam Wildlife Sanctuary, Dhamma Sarovara (lake of Dhamma), Swaminarayan Sanstha, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Udyaan, etc. All these and more attraction places at Dhule attract tourist across the country. Dhule never had disappointed and neither it will ever fail to satisfy the tourists.

Sightseeing Places in Dhule

Amali, Dhule
Balasane, Dhule
Bhamer Fort, Dhule
Songir Fort, Dhule
Nizampur, Dhule
Indave Temple, Dhule
Shirud Temple, Dhule
Indave, Dhule
Anerdam Wildlife Sanctuary, Dhule
Rajwade Mandal, Dhule
Thalner, Dhule

Facts of Dhule City

Dhule city is becoming slowly the largest upcoming hub of textile, edible oil and power-loom across the country.

  • Dhule have 69 kmas total land area
  • 460,093 is total population.
  • Dhule lies at an elevation reading 787 ft. above the sea level.
  • Dhule is located in the valley of the Tapi river along the banks of the Panzara river.
  • It is famous for the production of pure milk in the country as well as production and distribution of chilies across India.

Climate and Weather in Dhule

Dhule enjoy the local steppe climate marked by little rainfall all through the year. By the Koppen-Geiger system, climate of Dhule is classified as BSh. The average temperature is 26.9 degree centigrade and annual rainfall measures 612mm. No rain at all in February and July gets the highest rainfall. May is the hottest and January is the coldest months here. October to March is the best period for tourists to visit Dhule for tourism.

Culture in Dhule

Maharashtrian food is dominant, but multi-cuisine restaurants are extremely popular among today’s masses. Cafeterias, food courts, night clubs, pubs, bars, multiplexes, theater are all found across Dhule. People are getting accustomed to modern outfits, spicy street foods, multi-cuisine foods, fast foods etc. Shopping destinations are in plenty. Art and craft craft shops too are popular among people, with a traditional taste.

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