Bhogwe Beach

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I am Bhogwe Beach; the paradise on earth. In today’s fast paced life where people take the brunt of stress and anxiety I offer them the most tranquil and serene moments to enjoy. I offer the most secluded holidays one could ever think of. With my immaculate white sand, rhythmically dancing palms and scattered rocks, I book my place in one of the most amazing places to visit on earth. Such is the mesmerizing charm and influence of my beauty.

My history is even more engrossing as I am located near Kille Nivati, the fort that was constructed by great Maratha ruler Shivaji for the protection of his empire. Bhogwe Beach stretch towards the north of the Nivati Fort and one can see my beautiful scenery from the top of this fort. Tarkarli beach is not so far as well and I am separated from it by the Karli backwaters. Devbaug’s most famous Mobara point is also visible from my shores.

bhogwe beach

Tourists are attracted towards Bhogwe Beach as Karli River and Arabian Sea get united here. This beautiful unification and the views are a treat to watch and they leave indelible marks on the memory. The foamy waves in the backdrop of such a marvelous beauty are a treat to watch. Flocks of local sea birds add to the charm of the tranquil surroundings.

My charismatic characteristics do not end here, as Bhogwe Beach have some unique and compelling reason for you to visit me repeatedly- the presence of dolphins. The fascinating tricks of dolphins are a pleasure to watch. One cannot divert his attention from dolphins, which are regarded as one of the Earth’s most intelligent animals. Their playful behavior, frolics, jumping, etc. leaves the tourists spellbound. I am enthralled by the soothing power that I am able to exert on the people who visit me.

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