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History and Nature Coming Together At Vengurla Malvan

I am Vengurla Beach at Malvan, adored by the nature lovers for my long stretch of iridescent sandy beach surrounded by a range of hills, semi-circular in shape. The lush green foliage on the hills of mango, cashew and coconut plants in combination with the green sea and blue sky creates an exotic atmosphere liked and loved by tourists from all over the country.

The city of Malvan is historically known as a trade settlement and the rocky terrain of Malvan has two impressive forts – the Sindhudurg Fort and the Padamgarh Fort. I am located in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra at a distance of 514 km from Mumbai and 200 km from Ratnagiri. I am well connected with Ratnagiri by road and also with Kolhapur – the nearest rail head.

Vengurla Beach

My history dates back to the year of 1638 when the Dutch had a trade settlement here and also continued their eight month blockade of Goa from the same place. Between the year 1664 and 1812 Vengurla Beach was the target of many attacks and were even burnt down completely at least twice in my entire lifetime.

With an average elevation of 36ft and due to the presence of the hills beyond me I receive plenty of rainfall during the monsoon but the climate is pretty comfortable all around the year with except the hot summer months.

Best Time to Visit Vengurla Beach

Winter is the best season to visit Vengurla Beach and enjoy the lush green beauty of the hills right from the warm beaches where the sun shines bright all around the day.

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