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The Stunning Landscape of Amboli Ghat

Amboli hill station is located in the Southern range of Sahyadri hills; adjacent to the Sawantwadi in Maharashtra. Amboli was developed as a hill station by the British political agent Colonel Westrop. Amboli hill station is blessed with pristine natural surroundings. Amboli hills provide resources for Krishna River.

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Do you know that Amboli valley is blessed with an interesting history? This history is deeply connected with the British Raj. During the period of colonial rule, a colonel named Westrop was a British political agent was the one who established Amboli as a hill station in the 1880’s.

The sky above Amboli Ghat in the Sahyardri continuously trickles for four months, if not all the year-round, thus making Amboli hill station the wettest place in Maharashtra. Amboli Ghat is surrounded by thick forests and canopied trees. It is situated at a height of 690m in Konkan region of Maharashtra.

Amboli valley is an eco-friendly hill station that guarantees you a mesmerizing experience with the natural and spectacular beauty of Nature.  Amboli is a hill station in Maharashtra from where one can see the sea.

Though Amboli climate is always cool round the year, yet Amboli hill station receives heavy rainfall. The temperature in Amboli in the summer season varies from 22 to 40 Celsius and winter temperature ranges from 12 to 33 Celsius.

Best Time to Visit Amboli Hill Station

The best time to visit Amboli hill station is from October to February because the weather at this time is highly pleasant for you to explore the outdoors.  Amboli is always covered with clouds during the rainy season and the weather in Amboli is always pleasant during monsoon.

Road, rail and air are the best transport mediums to reach Amboli hill station and it will always make sure that all the guests have a pleasant and charming stay when you come at Amboli hills.

Frankly, Amboli is a great place to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Your one visit to Amboli hill station will help you to rejuvenate your mind and soul.

Climate at Amboli Ghat

Regarding the climate, Amboli has a cool climate. The most suitable time to visit Amboli Ghat is during the hot and humid summer days. The intoxicating air and salubrious climate is something that rejuvenates your body, mind, and soul. You won’t have any problem finding good accommodation in Amboli valley.

Do you know that Amboli hill station is one of the wonderful areas quite famous for being the wettest place located in Maharashtra? The interesting aspect is that during the rainy season, Amboli is bound by dark clouds that thunder loudly. The entire area of Amboli Ghat is refreshed with incessant showers.

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