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There are some of the picturesque and beautiful beach towns you can find in different parts of India. Ganpatipule is definitely one of the most prominent beach towns in India. Caribbean beaches are world famous. Often Ganpatipule is considered as the Indian Caribbean beach. Ganpatipule is located along the beautiful Konkan coast. It is around 375 km from the city of Mumbai. Ganpatipule comes under the Ratnagiri district. Ganpatipule is still untouched by the commercialization and that it why it can provide you the much needed solace from the hectic and chaotic city life. If you are looking for an idyllic holiday destination then you can definitely think about Ganpatipule.

Sightseeing in Ganpatipule

Before planning a trip there you need to research about the places to see at Ganpatipule.

Swambhu Ganpati Temple, Ganpatipule

The 400 years old Swambhu Ganpati Temple at Ganpatipule has always been the main attraction there. The Ganpati idol was created from a single monolithic rock. Thousands of pilgrims come here every year to seek blessings from the God. It is also believed that God himself takes care of the local people there in Ganpatipule. This ancient temple is definitely a must watch in Ganpatipule.

Ganpatipule Temple
Ganpatipule Temple

The Jaigad Fort, Ganpatipule

Jaigad Fort is among the famous places to visit near Ganpatipule. This is another beautiful place to visit in Ganpatipule. There is a light house nearby. You need to see that too. You can get great view from the light house. Exploring the fort n light house will definitely be a nice experience for you. The fort is located on a peninsular trip. The view from this fort is absolutely magical. The meeting point of the river Sangameshwar and the Arabian sea can be seen from the fort. The fort is now turned into ruins mostly. However, the place still hasn’t lost its charm. The fort and light house were constructed sometimes around the year of 1832. This old lighthouse still work. You can visit the light house from Monday to Saturday. It is closed on Sunday. You need to plan your trip accordingly.

Jaigad Fort, Ganpatipule
Jaigad Fort, Ganpatipule

Ganpatipule Beach:

This is one of the most beautiful beaches in India. There are dangerous rocks throughout the beach and that is why swimming is prohibited here. This beach is known as the Indian Caribbean beach. The locals often practice kayaking here. You can also opt for the camel riding in the beach.

Ganpatippule Beach
Ganpatippule Beach


This is a small village and beautiful places to see near Ganpatipule where the great Marathi poet Kavi Keshevsoot used to live. You can see his home there. You can also find a nice museum on Marathi literature in Malgund. This museum is worth visiting.


Velneshwar is a beautiful village located near Ganpatipule beach. This village is located along the beach and the coconut trees and clear water bodies make this place extremely picturesque. There is an old Shiva temple here and during Maha Shivaratri the devotees come here from various parts of the country.


Prachin Konkan, Ganpatipule

Prachin Konkan is a museum dedicated to Konkan region. It gives glimps of life of Konkan in the past. It provides information about the  cultural, social, economic and religious life of Konkan. Prachin Konkan is must visit tourist place when you are at Ganpatipule.

So above are some of the Ganpatipule and nearby places to visit. You need to plan your trip in advance to enjoy more. Sightseeing at Ganpatipule beach would definitely be a memorable experience for you. Ganpatipule is a beautiful place where you can spend some quality time with your family and friends. You will come back with refreshed and rejuvenated minds from there.

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