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Guhagar beach is a white sand beach which is 6- 7 km long beach. It is arranged inside 200 metres from Guhagar town. This beach is sheltered for swimming. It offers an immaculate spot for sunbath, unwinding and reflection. The seaward talk stalls make this beach a perfect spot for using get-aways. The beach itself is among the most famous Places to see at Guhagar Beach.

Velneshwar Beach:

Velneshwar Beach is a clean and an excellent beach which is lined with an exhibit of coconut palms. Velneshwar Beach is arranged in Velneshwar town. As this beach is free from rocks, swimming and other water games is conceivable here. Velneshwar Beach is an extremely pleasant and quiet beach. It is one of the finest Places to see at Guhagar Beach.

Hedavi Beach:

Shri Dashbhuj Laxmi Ganesh has a Dashbhuja(10 arms) icon which is made up of marble. The marble utilized for making the Ganesha icon was carried from Jammu-Kashmir. The eyes of icon are profound dark. This beach is perhaps the best spot for sightseeing at Guhagar Beach.


Gopalgad Fort is arranged on a bluff at the gathering purpose of Arabian Sea and stream Vashisthi. This fort was constructed by the Bijapur rulers in the sixteenth century. It was named Gopalgad by Tulaji Angre Sarkhel in 1774. Gopalgad knoll is a beautiful, trekking spot which is arranged in the Anjanvel town. The fort is perfect for sightseeing at Guhagar Beach.

Modka Aagar Boating:

Modka Aagar Lake is arranged between Shrungar Tali and Guhagar. The Modaka Aagar Boating Club offers the office of boating in this lake. The boating aspect is a point of attraction for tourists, and makes it one of the many Places to see at Guhagar Beach.

Vyadeshwar Temple:

Vyadeshwar temple is a Lord Shiva Shrine in the Ratnagiri District and is arranged close to the Guhagar State Transport Bus Stand. This temple has symbols of Balkeshwar, Talkeshwar and Udaleshwar, in addition the fundamental god. The temple is extremely popular for an enormous reasonable organised throughout the celebration of Mahashivratri. During the festival, it is the most crowded point of sightseeing at Guhagar Beach.

Gopalgad Hill:

Gopalgad Hill, spotted in the Anjanvel town of Guhagar, is known for its lovely surroundings. The hill has an excellent fort that is famous as the Gopalgad Fort, otherwise called the Anjanwale Fort. This fort is accepted to have been developed by the Bijapur Rulers in the sixteenth century. The fort was caught by Shivaji Maharaj in 1660. The historic importance of the hill has proclaimed it a part of the many Places to see at Guhagar Beach.

Chandika Mandir:

Chandika Mandir, spotted in the vicinity of 15 km north of Guhagar, is 15-20 ft underground and arranged inside a cave. The fundamental god is accepted to have been showed toward oneself throughout the Pandava period. The serenity of the temple makes it a fine point of sightseeing at Guhagar Beach.

Enron Project:

Enron Project, placed along the Guhagar-Veldoor Road, is a questionable project, where electricity is created from gas. The project remains unfinished and might be seen while travelling towards Anjanvel. Although it is of a modern nature, the inherent development made by the project has made it one of the best Places to see at Guhagar Beach.

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