Karde Beach

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Far from the maddening crowd, far from the city’s cacophony, I, Karde Beach lie. The ebb and flow of the water makes me beautiful and pristine I am the Karde Beach, and I am just a few hours’ drive from Pune, Maharashtra. I am situated near the west of Konkan coastline and am just 13km away from Dapoli.

Before you reach me, you are being treated with beautiful scenic beauty on way. Nature lovers and especially animal lovers love me because I offer them a view of beautiful dolphins. This is something that attracts the tourists and brings them close to Karde Beach.

If you are tired of your daily routine and you need a short nap then you should visit me because Sheoak plantations or the Suruche Ban borders me. Often rivers are dangerous but I am one such river whose white waves will touch your feet and will give you pleasure and fun but will not put your life in danger.

karde beach

Many people play different types of beach games here, which include games like Frisbee, beach volleyball, or collecting seashells.

The nights are calm in my surroundings, because you do not hear the cacophony sounds of the city that disturbs you every night. Rather in my lap, you can sing any song for your beloved or you can dance around the campfire and enjoy the night to the fullest. And don’t forget to have the breathtaking view of the sunset that Karde Beach offer, you should not miss it.

I am not without a history I am near the Suvarnadurg and the Kanakdurg fort of the Maratha Empire, which later became a part of the Peswa dynasty.

Best time to Visit Karde Beach

If you love rain then visit me, from the month of June to September, though I will recommend you to visit me between October to March, when I provide you with a very comfortable atmosphere.

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