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I am the Ladghar Beach, but the people have given men a holy name and that name is Tamas Teertha. Well, there is a reason behind calling my name, I am called Tams Teertha because at times during the evening when the sun is setting, the Arabian sea, which touches me every time turn into red, and if not in red then in orange. And, this is one of the main reasons which are why tourists and travelers visit me.

There is one more important reason which is why they visit me and that is I offer them with the view of the dolphins that are there in the sea. But all this can wait, first let me tell you where Ladghar Beach is situated; well I am situated in Dapoli. I am separated from my neighbor the Karde beach with a rocky stretch and I am not a very big but I am rather a very small beach.

ladghar beach

Situated on the Konkan coastline I have very finer sand though if you go towards the south you will find very coarser sand. My northern end has hillock where there is a ‘Datta Mandir’ located. Ladghar Beach can still hear the steps of the pious woman, who had build this temple of Gurudatta, on the advice of her Guru, over 100 years.

The people who come to Ladghar Beach to spend their holiday enjoy their time to the fullest with the help of the water scooters, and through Para-sailing. There are many other water sports too, that I allow you to enjoy and make much use of the time.

I have one more neighbor too, and that is a small village called Burundi. But, it is the second largest fishing village after Harnai. The fishermen takes the small boats or the ‘dinghies’ to the sea for business and during the evenings, the light in the dinghies gives the onlookers, who are there on me has a pleasant view.

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