Kelshi Beach

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I am Kelshi Beach, the place known for exerting a hypnotizing influence on the visitors. My endless treasure of shells, conches, and cowries along with spectacular sunsets, which I offer, make me one of the most likeable places among the people.

My 2.5 km long stretch offers the most amazing walks one could ever witness. People forget about their stress and strike a communion with himself or herself after visiting me. They relax from within as I take away all of their upheavals they experience in life.

Kelshi Beach

One could sit on the black rocks near the Utambar hills and watch the sea and its tides hitting the large rocks. This site at Kelshi Beach is simply stunning as people are transported to the divine world. The worldly affairs seem petty and inconsequential as one witnesses the grand beauty of nature unfolding itself here. The sight of lush green cypress trees planted in rows with symmetry is very appealing and attractive.

I have historical importance too as Kelshi Beach is connected with the Marathas. The Peshwas are believed to have built the houses with roofs and the roads in Kelshi Village during the times of Peshwai. This association with the Marathas makes me more engrossing. Also, I am also the place of religious significance as the Mahalaxmi Temple, Siddhivinayak Ganpati Temple and the Yaqub Baba Dargah near me make me the perfect pilgrim centre to visit. Such is the richness of this place, which has such a variety to offer to its visitors.

Best time to Visit Kelshi Beach

The best time to visit Kelshi Beach is from November to February as the weather is mild then and the presence of migratory birds makes the whole surrounding mesmerizing. One feels connected to nature and its awesome beauty. The small white Sandwich Terns and White Gulls hold the attention of the tourists as they stroll along me. They have a strong calming influence on the visitors.

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2 thoughts on “Kelshi Beach

  • June 13, 2016 at 10:00 am

    This is a great place I have ever visited. The sunset I have experienced at Kelshi beach is really unforgettable.

  • June 13, 2016 at 10:16 am

    Kelshi beach is my favourite location for picnic. Though it is far from Mumbai once you are there you will forgot all your worries. Great place.


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