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Kashid in Maharashtra is a place known for its beautiful and serene beaches, Kashid has plenty more to offer to tourists who visit the place. Over the years, Kashid has become a popular tourist destination because of the variety that it offers to tourists. From places of historical importance to places of scenic beauty, Kashid has them all. So for an ideal weekend getaway, Kashid is perfect for the family where both the young and the old can enjoy equally.

Kashid Beach:

There are several places to see at Kashid Beach. The beach itself is a beautiful marvel and a perfect example of what natural beauty ought to be. The ambiance is that of calmness and quiet and that way, it is a perfect place to sit down quietly and relax. The specialty of the beach is its white sand which acts as a perfect companion to the blue water, making the beach look straight out of a movie scene. Horse pulled carts are a specialty in the beaches and a ride on them ensures that the memory stays etched forever.

Korlai Fort:

Among other places to see at Kashid beach, Korlai Fort is a major tourist attraction. Built in 1521, the fort’s prehistoric beauty is its strongest point. Being quite an old place, the ruins of the fort bring back memories of ancient history and tourists can almost relive history, courtesy the deserted and prehistoric feel of the fort.

Revlanda Beach Fort:

The Revlanda Beach Fort is another tourist attraction nobody would want to miss during their visit to Karshid. The fort is a standing relic of the Portuguese rule in India. Drawing a lot of travelers every year, the fort remains an important historical tourist attraction.

Revdanda Beach:

Sightseeing at Kashid Beach also comprises of a very well known beach called Revdanda beach which is an epitome of isolation and calmness. The isolated beach is a perfect abode to relax. Tourists love the calm air which is all over the beach and can simply spread out and relax without any constraints whatsoever. The marvelous view of the sunset is an added bonus which no tourist would want to miss.

Phansad Sanctuary:

Apart from sightseeing at Kashid Beach, tourists are also most welcome to check out the lovely Phansad sanctuary. Primarily a bird sanctuary, Phansad also has a large collection of insects, amphibians and mammals. The sanctuary is spread over a large area and since not many people know about its existence, it is a nice and quiet place to visit and spend a few hours amidst the wildlife. All in all, Kashid has much to offer to tourists, with arms wide open.

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