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If you are an explorer who loves to be surprised with uncharted territories then I am the one who can quench your thirst. If you ask who am I? I am the Nivati Beach! I am a secluded beach that beholds surprises at every turn that you take.

I had a stretch of white sand on which you will love to walk and this white sand is being complimented with the turquoise blue sea. A combination which nature rarely bestows upon something and I am that lucky beach on whom nature has bestow, two of its brightest and eye soothing colours.

nivati beach

But not only nature has made me rich, but history too, has contributed to my beauty and to my richness. In my proximity, you will find the Nivati Fort, which was built by the great Maratha ruler and leader Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in 1787 AD.

He built this fort to make his naval force strong today you can find only its ruins, covered with thorny bushes. But, the fort is still in a good condition and from that fort you can have the breathtaking, as well as the panoramic view of the sea as well as of me. There is a Bhogave beach near me and if you stand at the fort, you can have a good view of the surroundings of that beach.

The turquoise blue sea that compliments my beauty holds 3 rocky islands and these 3 rocks actually goes deeper in 10 nautical miles. And if, you have an explorer in you then you cannot but thank me for gifting you with this spectacular beauty. I am, or the Nivati beach is the main attraction for most of the people who knows me and this is mainly because of the Nivati backwater.

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    I’m grateful to read something good about Nivati beach. This is the best beach I have ever visited. You have nicely put its information for all. Thank you.


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