Ellora Caves

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Ellora Caves are situated in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra shelter about 300 rock-cut Buddhist temples. These temples are very old and date back to the 2nd century to the 480 -650 century. There are more than 100 caves to see. Ellora Caves in Aurangabad are considered by one and many as the pride of India. Not only that Ellora Caves have a proud position nib the world heritage sites declared by UNESCO.

Ellora Caves Aurangabad

The Archaeological survey has unanimously judged Ellora Caves the best and the finest of the Indian craftsmanship of India. It is recognized as not only that one of the best religious works of the Buddhists but the paintings of the Ellora Caves are of extraordinary beauty. The elaborate description of the life of Buddha or the beautiful and sensuous murals.

It has got all. It is a true depiction of what India is through such brilliant artwork. They have an elaborate depiction of Jataka tales with images of Buddha. Ellora Caves was literally discovered by the British in 1819.

The main attractions of the Ellora Caves are the paintings and the well-sculpted murals. Just visit it once and then you will get to know how beautifully a life can and tradition of a place can be depicted. The religious tales can never be as lively as they are in these caves. They are unique because of the entirety of the paintings and the way they have been preserved within the panorama of the pre-Islamic environment and the way this ancient art form has survived.

All this make Ellora Caves in Aurangabad a major tourist attraction of Maharashtra and it draws tourist from all over the world. The government of Maharashtra has taken special care of the easy access to this place and this site is under complete maintenance of the archaeological survey of India. The guides are there on behalf of the government.

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    Ellora is one of the heritage place of India and I am proud that this place is in Maharashtra.


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