Melghat Tiger Reserve

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Melghat Tiger Reserve – A Haven for the Royal Bengal Tiger

I Melghat Tiger Reserve, am a unique place to take a holiday also to watch tigers, tigers are graceful and fierce animals it is always interesting to see them in their habitat. The population of tigers is being threatened very day. They may soon become extinct. India is the only land on earth where Royal Bengal tiger can be seen.

I, Melghat Tiger Reserve am an important place for tiger preservation, but also this is a great tourists spot for people who love nature. Tiger watching will be an added advantage, if you come to visit Melghat Tiger Reserve. Tapi River flows though my territory and I am part of Satpura Hill Range.

I Melghat National Park am a heaven to see wildlife and have a break in the lap of nature. You will always find some interesting activity or exploration to do when you are here. You will never be bored here. There are private and secured government and private hotels here. October to June is the best time to visit me. I, Melghat National Park am also very well connected by plane and train.

I am an ideal place for eco-tourism; you will find several hotels that provide environmentally friendly services. If you want a break from city but do not want to disturb the delicate balance 0f nature, you can book several eco-tourism guides that are available at Melghat National Park. Two historic forts called Narnala and Gawilgarh are present in my territories. So come and visit Melghat Tiger Reserve if you want to see tiger in their habitat.

Weather at Melghat National Park

The weather at Melghat Tiger Reserve is always extreme according to the seasons. The summer temperature can rise high but in the winters, it can get dropped at the tremendous low level too. In the Monsoons, the rain fall is around 1000 to 2250 mm at Melghat National Park.

The recommendation for the best time to visit Melghat Tiger Reserve is from October to June months. The closest airports are Akola and Nagpur where Badnera is the nearest railway station. You can go by road as well. The accommodation facilities are also good at Melghat Tiger Reserve.

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