Arnala Fort

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Arnala Fort is one of the greatest picturesque places in Maharashtra. Arnala killa is located on Arnala Island and just 8 km from the city. North of Vasai in the state of Maharashtra. Its nickname is “Jaldurg” or “Janjire Arnala” because the fort is surrounded by water on all sides.

Arnala Fort Virar

The strong and broad ramparts along with its ancient structure and a number of “Suru” trees and the coconut tree plantations enhance the beauty of Arnala fort. Arnala killa offers some of the most soothing and calming moments to the visitors.

The way to reach Arnala fort is also fascinating as the tourists come to the fort by commuter boat from Arnala Beach. It is easily accessible via buses and auto-rickshaws.

History of Arnala Fort

The history of the Arnala fort is very enchanting as everyone desired to possess and conquer the fort due to its strategic naval location. Arnala Killa is the apple of the Portuguese’ eyes and they conquered it from the Muslim rulers of Gujarat. After that, they rebuilt the fort in 1530s.

They were intrigued by the location and used the fort as a place from which they could control shipping and navigation. However, Arnala Fort witness the mighty Marathas defeating the Portuguese in 1737. The fort was delighted again to get three bastions then which the Marathas. The British couldn’t resist conquering the fort either and it was then possessed by them in 1817.

The tourists flock to see the Arnala fort as it has some spectacular features. The large octagonal freshwater reservoir is really enchanting and appealing. There are numerous temples as well which the tourists revere.

Arnala fort has the Ambakeshwar temples, Goddess Bhavani and Lord Shiva. The Shahali and Hajjali tombs are also in the abode. On the eastern side inside a dome is the ‘Paduka’ of Shri Nityanand Maharaj. All of such association makes the Arnala Fort alluring and fills the whole atmosphere with reverence. A watchtower is also there on the southern side.

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