Vasai Fort

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Vasai Fort is of national pride and importance that is protected by the Archaeological Survey of India. Vasai Fort is just 48 km north of Mumbai. Vasai is the Marathi name and it was earlier called by the name Bassein fort.

Bassein Vasai Fort

Vasai Fort (also known as Bassein Fort) was built by Gujarat King Bahadur Shah. However, soon it was to become the apple of the Portuguese’ eyes as they took control over the fort in order to expand their naval power. They constructed a citadel inside the fort, which is called Balekilla.

Vasai became famous in the 16th century because of the Portuguese. The fort of Vasai was an important commercial and military base of the Portuguese on the west coast of India. The fort is surrounded by seawater and spread over a total area of 110 acres.

They also built strong ramparts and other structures inside the Vasai Fort. It was later taken over by the Marathas. However, the British ultimately managed to procure the Vasai Fort from the Marathas in 1817 A.D.

Vasai Fort is known for its robust structure. Its stonewall is 4.5 km long and has 11 bastions. Another feature of the fort, which attracts visitors outright, is a small citadel inside the Vasai Fort. Vasai Fort has several water tanks, armory, and storehouses. There are three chapels inside the fort, which have structures like Portuguese churches.

Apart from this, there are many watchtowers, which adorn the Vasai Fort. They have strong and secure staircases as well. There are two access doors to the Bassein fort, known by the name of ‘Porta do Mar’ and ‘Porta da Terra.’ The gateways to the Vasai Fort are decorative and inscribed with Portuguese graves. The fort has a lot of mango trees and palms surrounding it. This further enhances the beauty of the fort.

Vasai Fort is surrounded by water from three sides. This looks attractive and charming. Most of the tourists come here to see the astonishing views from the fort, and many Indian movies have been shot in the pristine landscapes.

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  • June 21, 2017 at 7:23 am

    Nice compilation of information and photos.
    The place looks amazing during dusk.

  • February 14, 2018 at 11:21 pm

    Portuguese fort captured by Chimaji Appa, awesome fort and awesome greenery u can see in the premises, the fort is big enough to spend your whole day. The fort is near the sea, plz go in a group and avoid in weekdays as the locals are quite rude, illegal activity is active in the fort. The best day to visit the fort is Sunday as you will find many of parents and couples. so not to worry on Sunday.


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