Devgad Fort

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Devgad Fort- the place that offers the tourists one of the most amazing sights to witness. Devgad Fort is located in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. The location of Devgad Killa is just at the confluence of Devgad creek and the Arabian Sea is a treasure to watch. The eyes of the tourists are filled with joy and wonder when they witness the magnificent views of the sunset from the Devgad Fort.

The panoramic views of the harbor are stunning. The scintillating scenes of nature provided by Devgad Fort enthrall the tourists.

Devgad Fort Sindhudurg

Devgad Fort History

The history of Devgad fort is equally intriguing as it was given life by a chief of Maratha called Kanoji Angre. The elegantly designed walls and ramparts were all born out of his thoughts. Devgad Fort was indebted to him for making it so beautiful.

Devgad Fort in Sindhudurg was initially used as a surveillance point and its strategic location attracted many rulers. The British too attacked Devgad Fort once in order to conquer it in 1818 and they were successful in their attempt.

Devgad Fort was also nicknamed “Janjire Devgad” as it is surrounded by water from all sides. Janzira means an island in Arabic. Tourists are also attracted to the Ganesha temple inside the fort. They show a lot of reverence, bow their heads, and pay obeisance here.

There is a lighthouse as well inside the fort along with three old cannons. The eastern side of Devgad Fort has numerous bastions which are in good condition to date.

Devgad Fort offers great relief to the tourists who are weary of a hectic schedule. They come here and experience the calming influence over them. The visit to Devgad fort takes all their tension away.

Besides this, the place where the fort is located, that is Devgad, is famous for the Alphonso mangoes that are exported all over the world. The mango plantations around Devgad are appealing to the eyes and are a great source of fresh oxygen for everyone.

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