Dhodap Fort

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I am Dhodap Fort- the heaven for trekkers. Because of my location, that is 4750 ft. above sea level and steep ascent trekkers regard me as one of the best places on earth. The hill on which I am located is actually the third highest hill in Maharashtra.

The cool breeze along with the setting sun offers one of the most mesmerizing experiences. Tourists visit me because of the daring adventure that I offer along with the gorgeous natural beauty and ancient and attractive caves.

I am located in the Nashik district in the state of Maharasthra. I am about 42 km from Nashik. Apart from the trekking thrill, I have some other things as well which grip the attention of the tourists.

There is a tank inside me with an idol of Lord Hanuman. I also have a Jagdamba temple that is revered by the tourists.

Then there is a tunnel, which is 5 m wide. The best part which fun lovers admirer is my pointed cliff , known by the name of Shembi. Other cliff equally enchanting is called Ikhara. It is a daunting cliff on my eastern side and gives a tough time to the trekkers. However, the rock climbers enjoy trekking on it.

There are plenty of caves as well at the bottom. There are temples also inside the caves that are in good condition. There is a cow made of stone inside me, which the visitors find very attractive. There are many legends attached with this cow. Locals believe that on “Vasubaras” this cow moves inside me by the distance of 4 grains.

My historical link is also captivating. I played a crucial part during the Peshwa period as Raghobadada Peshwa made a plot against Madhavrao Peshwa inside my boundaries. Shivaji also visited me, once while he was returning from Surat.

Other Destinations Near Dhodap Fort

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Tryambakeshwar Temple

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Bhandardara Hill Station

Igatpuri Hill Station

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